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Words of IPOB of the palm wine: Stone Igbos who cannot sit at home at Churchill Okonkwo

The different human encounters and aesthetic measurements in Chinua Achebe’s works catch how Igbos dislike sluggishness and inebriation. In the rich Igbo culture and custom, for instance, boozers are not given a place of power. They are giggled at for their nonsense and refusal to work to dishearten the young ones in the network from towing that line.

In Achebe’s Arrow of God, after the white man, Ezeulu whipped Obika, the Chief Priest blamed his child for being “visually impaired by palm wine when he left [his house] toward the beginning of the day.” He included that “notwithstanding when he returned a brief time prior, it had still not cleared from his eyes.” Ezeulu’s great companion, Akuebue, advised him that the story going around was that Obika did not strike the first blow in the battle. The Chief Priest needed to know whether Akuebue “would swear before a god on the quality of what a plastered man [said].” In the selections, above, Achebe was illustrating how questionable lushes are in Igbo society.

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In the genuine show unfurling before us in Nigeria, Nnamdi Kanu was blinded by wine when he left the United Kingdom for Nigeria, in a quest for the slippery, yet puzzling Biafra. In Nigeria, he tranquilized himself with palm wine. Similar palm wine was as yet not cleared in his eyes when he “restored” after he was “executed” by Buhari, and came back to the U.K. using Israel.

From the safe place of Oyibo man’s territory, Nnamdi Kanu and IPOB are presently requiring the stoning of persevering people of Igboland. This is a silly and pointless expression that best be described as expressions of palm wine.

An element of liquor abuse is duplicity. When smashed, heavy drinkers begin lying about the amount they have flushed. They start lying about where they have been. Since liquor has taken control, tumult and confusion rule, the individuals who live with a heavy drinker will reveal to you that it is a rollercoaster ride.

Since we grasped IPOB and Nnamdi Kanu, our life has been in a rollercoaster ride. Here are a few examples of their expressions of palm wine: “No submission, no decision”; It is either Biafra or demise”; “President Buhari is Jubril from Sudan” “Atiku Abubakar is from Cameron”; “marked fixed and conveyed.” And the most recent is “decline to sit-at-home and be stoned.”

Here are a few activities of a drunkard and how IPOB and Nnamdi Kanu have shown them. In the wake of drinking an excess of palm wine, you begin making absurd cases like asserting that your leader is a faker from Sudan. You additionally start utilizing damaging language: IPOB has manhandled all the ethnic nationalities in Nigeria.

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With other palm wine, an alcoholic begins acting like a total bonehead: It is imbecilic for IPOB and Nnamdi Kanu to continue asserting that President Buhari is a Jubril from Sudan. As it deteriorates, you begin peeing on yourself and your adherents: IPOB and Nnamdi Kanu peed on themselves when they required the blacklist of the 2019 Presidential decision, to switch themselves and announce support for Atiku. At that point, there is the aftereffect. For IPOB and Nnamdi Kanu, the aftereffect from all the mind flight and unrealistic reasoning is that they stayed languid.

Lethargy is regularly indications of a more serious issue. Having bombed in the dreary endeavor to prompt clash between various ethnic nationalities, IPOB’s default resort to issuing “Sit-at-home” orders is a demonstration of apathy. Requiring the stoning of Igbos endeavoring to bolster their families is a side effect to the more pressing issue – feeling of inadequacy.

Nigeria’s multicultural character is a perpetual component that is extending exponentially. In that capacity, the advancement of nonintervention by any gathering could be a demonstration of dread, dread that is driven by lethargy and nonattendance of strength to grasp and contend in the inescapable cosmopolitan nature of our urban areas and even towns.

For Ndigbo to stay engaged and focused, we can’t tragically have a tanked accountable for an engine vehicle when you have calm men around. Why have Igbos permitted men who don’t comprehend the estimation of work to continue controlling the Biafran Spirit? How might we stop the crash?

Some self-reflection is required on the off chance that we are to squirm ourselves out of this. As Igbos, even though the palm-wine consumers in IPOB have lost their faculties, we as a clan must stay savvy and be dedicated to our age-long general understanding that the drug against palm wine is the ability to state no.

Thus, we should disapprove of the weaponization of the Biafran Spirit against Igbos by IPOB and Nnamdi Kanu. Igbos must begin testing IPOB’s philosophy and methodology of falsehood. We should counter their horseplay with sound and an unrivaled contention supported by realities and not lies.

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I will end this piece by coming back to Chinua Achebe. In Things Fall Apart, Okonkwo’s dad Unoka was a boozer who owed cash to everybody. Unoka was not a decent supplier, and his significant other and kids regularly went hungry. As Chinua Achebe described, Okonkwo was embarrassed about his dad and was resolved to transcend his childhood to turn into a fruitful resident and daring warrior.

To transcend the inexorably despicable articulations of IPOB, Ndigbo must start to separate ourselves from this plague we grasped. If a bolt has not entered profoundly, at that point its expulsion isn’t hard. Before this bolt called IPOB comes profound into the core of Umu Igbo and cause inadvertent blow-back, we should haul it out NOW.

The tricks of a town lush or a market jokester will give chuckling, yet no one asks that his kid turns into an alcoholic or a market joker. With the most recent expressions of palm wine from IPOB that the dedicated Igbos who won’t sit-at-home ought to be stoned, the clowns we sent to the market square are going to koboko using disguises, taking steps to flagellate us for displaying the Biafran Spirit. The Biafra land is enduring an onslaught by oneself acclaimed Supreme pioneer of Indigenous People of Biafra.