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Wike tells Amaechi that the Rivers people voted for me because of my outstanding performance.

Wike tells Amaechi that the Rivers people voted for me because of my outstanding performance.

Streams State Governor, Nyesom Wike, has proclaimed that the general population overwhelmingly voted in favor of him amid the governorship race due to his remarkable execution and ventures conveyance.

Wike, in a reaction to supposed false charges made by the Minister of Transportation, Chibuike Amaechi, amid his appearance on a TV program, said the previous state senator flopped in his journey to truncate his second term since Rivers individuals were content with his work.

He said he would not have reacted to the deception being hawked by the clergyman. However, he owed the open the obligation to set the record straight.

He stated: “It is sad. I expressed the desire for peace, and I implied each expression of it. It was on that premise that the lawyer general documented a nolle prosequi to pull back the charge against Flag Amachree.

“On the off chance that I didn’t do well in my first term, People’s Democratic Party wouldn’t have given me the gathering’s banner to fly. In 2015, a similar man pledged that not without a battle to the death would I rise successfully.

“I have done well for my kin. It is for the general population of Rivers State to choose. It isn’t in the spot of Amaechi to choose.

“We have more than six million individuals and more than three million enlisted voters. In this manner, Amaechi can’t state I can’t go for a second term. He has just a single vote.

“Previously, he said an Ikwerre man couldn’t succeed another Ikwerre man. Today, he is stating his grouse is that I can’t go for a second term. At each progression, he has one story or the other.”

Senator Wike said in opposition to the story that Amaechi sold while he was on the TV program, capturing seethed amid his residency.

He said it was terrible to the point that the State Chairman of Rivers State Independent Electoral Commission under Amaechi was abducted.

The representative noticed that in spite of the high national rate of frailty, Rivers is moderately quiet, with high evaluations.

“Our inside produced income has improved because of the harmony and security in the state,” he said.

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