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Why APC lost to PDP in Zamfara -Shehu Sani reacts to Supreme Court ruling

Shehu Sani, the administrator, speaking to Kaduna Central at the Senate has expressed why the decision All Progressive Congress (APC) lost Zamfara State. The Supreme Court on Friday invalidated the triumph of the APC in the last broad decisions in Zamfara State.

Further, the Supreme Court, in a consistent judgment by a seven-part board, chose that a gathering that had no substantial applicant can’t be said to have developed champ of the as of late directed general races.

In an intrigue documented by the APC, the summit court ruled against the litigant and requested a fine of N10 million against the APC.

Responding to the Supreme Court controlling, the Kaduna legislator said the decision party lost the state since they don’t do anything to face the security circumstance in the country.

He composed on his Twitter page: “The spirits of the blameless people in their catacomb frequented and disintegrated the Zamfara administering elites political pinnacle. The exercises: never make a Ladder from woods of a pine box.”