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What Nnamdi Kanu Told ‘Biafrans’ Today Ahead Sit-At-Home (Audio)

The pioneer of the Indigenous People of Biafra (IPOB), Nnamdi Kanu, conveyed alive communicated today in Atlanta, Georgia, the United States, where he would watch the “Biafra Remembrance Day.”

Kanu conveyed the communicate at precisely 6 am Nigerian time, where he trained ace Biafra activists on what to do in front of the sit-at-home today.

GISTOK had revealed before that IPOB pronounced May 30 as sit-at-home day all through the Southeast alluded to as “Biafraland” by master Biafra activists and Nigeria in recognition of its fallen saints and courageous women.

In front of the sit-at-home today, Kanu tended to Biafrans where he advised them that today is a “day is not kidding thinking and thinking.”

The IPOB pioneer stated: “Today is the multi-day is not kidding thinking and thinking concerning our kin and the day the whole Biafraland is secured, markets are not opened, no schools, no workplaces are opened, no banks, nothing.

“Wherever is at a total stop and aggregate, shut down,” Kanu said in his 6 am communicated which was checked by Naija News. Tune in to the full communicate: HERE.

Then, this online news stage reviews that three years back various passings were recorded amid the “Biafra Remembrance Day” which occurred on May 30, 2016, after a conflict between security specialists and IPOB individuals.

The assault afterward left at any rate 150 serene genius Biafra dissenters in the Southeast of the nation dead. They were slaughtered by the Nigerian security powers, driven by the military in Onitsha, Anambra State, southeast Nigeria.

Amid that assault, a few genii Biafra activists and supporters continued wounds, and scores captured in under 48 hours to the occasion to check Biafra Remembrance Day, a circumstance which a lobbyist, Patrick Korie, denounced in substantial terms.