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Urhobos tell Buhari To ‘Forget plans for Fulani radio’

The President-General of Urhobo Progressive Union (UPU), Olorogun Moses Taiga, has asked the Federal Government to discard intends to set up a Fulani Radio station. He said in spite of the clarification set forward by the legislature, the planning of the Radio station wasn’t right.

In an announcement issued yesterday, Taiga said the administration ought to instead focus on executing fiscal federalism. As indicated by him, the UPU acknowledges the need to advance the discussing indigenous dialects. Nonetheless, he included: “any administration exertion ought to either be all-encompassing or every ethnic nationality ought to be left to safeguard its way of life and language.

“The specific advancement of the Fulani language has elevated strain among ethnic nationalities in the nation and the undertaking ought to be cast off on the double.”He denounced the spate of weakness in the nation, encouraging the administration to give more vitality to handling the issue.