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Understanding Atiku’s Love For Blood And The Mission To Destroy Nigeria

I have never been a fan of Atiku Abubakar for one reason. The fact that he always tries to play intelligently and with the intelligence of people painting a more sacred image than public and incarnate demons in private.

Those who know who Atiku Abubakar is would always hesitate to deal with him because he or she could be on the verge of extinction. The recent statement attributed to him in connection with a report published by The Wall Street Journal entitled “The secret burial of 1000 soldiers killed by Boko Haram / ISWAP: Nigerians have the right to know the truth” is, at best, the typical work of Atiku Abubakar.

One thing is obvious, and he has refused to accept his electoral defeat in the general elections. While it is normal for people to repent of a loss, it is negligible that these people hide under the protection of patriotism to feed the seed of discord in the system of government. It can be understandable of some kind if that individual is driven by passion and commitment to the unity of the country.

However, this cannot be said of Atiku Abubakar, whose history is full of acts that harmed the country, someone who had changed the country too numerously to mention it. I am about to be corrected, if the Nigerians have fallen in love with the bait presented by him and voted him as president of this country, we are done.

It hurts me to write this article because I expect a lot of serious thought from Atiku Abubakar. But the more I excepted some form of decency from him, the more I was disappointed with his actions and inactions.

The recent neglected statement attributed to him serves as a vivid example of lack of patriotism, deception and a great plot to throw the administration of President Muhammadu Buhari into a bad light in an attempt to instigate the people against the government.

Shortly after the report was published, he went to the press without the courtesy of verifying the statements contained in the report. What does this tell us?

A man who wants by all means curry public sympathy to the detriment of the truth and collective interest of the country. At this point, I beg to ask questions. Questions that would question the senses of well-intentioned Nigerians.

What point was Atiku Abubakar trying to prove with his statement? To score a cheap political point? To support the foreign conspiracy against Nigeria? Appear as the saint without spot? I am lost by words.

It also hurts to the extent that I cry for Nigeria and, at the same time, I thank God that the Nigerians have not been tricked into voting for Atiku Abubakar during the last general elections.