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Sowore: Buhari under fire as Wole Soyinka reacts to arrest

The Nobel Prize, Prof. Wole Soyinka, condemned the Buhari government on Sunday for the arrest of Omoyele Sowore. He described the act of the Department of State Services (DSS) as “a midnight terrorist arrest.”

Sowore is the convener of the “#RevolutionNow” protests, which is scheduled to be held across the country on Monday, August 5.

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Soyinka, in a statement made available on Sunday and entitled: “Surely, not again!” He said that the “deployment of alarmist expressions” as “treason”, “anarchist” and “public incitement” by agents of Security was predictable. and banal and that the expressions have stopped making sense.

The Nobel Prize wrote in part: “Nothing he said to me in a private commitment remotely approached an attempt to destabilize governance or avoid normal democratic means of changing a government.

“Therefore, I consider that the reasons given by the Inspector General for the arrest and detention of this young former presidential candidate are totally artificial and unsustainable, without the backing of any evidence.

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“His arrest is a parody and a violation of the fundamental rights of citizens to congregate and make their concerns public. “All this is very sadly déjà vu. How often should we go through this exhausting cycle?

“We suffered identical cynical gadgets under the late Sani Abacha, who was not regretted, when he sent stormtroopers to interrupt a planning session for a similar march across the nation at Tai Solarin School, Ikenne.

“This was followed by a personalized letter that the State Security Services personally delivered to me under their subpoena, in their so-called ‘Annex’ of Abeokuta, with a wording almost identical to the threats contained in today’s statement from the Chief of Staff’s desk. police.

“At least, I was summoned, not subjected to a terrorist arrest at midnight. A little irony!

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“The same Pavlovian pattern of behavior manifested itself under another supposed democratic ruler who personally declared that the meeting of civilians to deliberate and propose a constitution for the nation was ‘high treason’, and would be resisted by all the rigor of state power if we persisted.

“The Inspector General of Police mobilized his forces and issued incendiary proclamations, but PRONACO went ahead despite the thunder of the citadel of Aso. Can the police ever learn something about their tear gas and the brutalization of grieving mothers who marched peacefully to protest the death of their children in a plane crash hell?

“His mission, under that same regime, which was simply to deliver a letter to the government house in Lagos, demanding greater security in airline operations, however, such a rational intention, born of traumatic circumstances, was canceled in The sidewalks of an alleged 20th century nation.

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“And once again, even a faceless clique under another civil regime refused to be left out of the senseless game of power. A march in Aso Rock calling for the end of government by a ghost entity was scheduled to be crushed, but fortunately, a balance of conflicting interests decided in favor of a reduced trajectory of protest.

“And so on, in a nation that continues to speak at the same time on both sides of the mouth, spitting out the same monotonous tone of betrayal, as if it were a magical enchantment that could replace the disappearance of massive feelings, even as collective therapy. “, He said.

Soyinka urged the Inspector General to review the newspapers of recent weeks and months, read and digest calls from numerous sectors of society, through national professions and groups, “for demonstrations against the conditions of society, all identifying diseases”. to which attention should be drawn, and urgently, through mass action.

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“Religious organizations have urged such remedies, as have civic associations. The resource ready for arrests, imprisonment and threats to civilians is ultimately counterproductive.

They take away citizens, erode their confidence in the responsiveness of governance and, therefore, promote the very extreme nightmare that security agencies believe they are acting to frustrate.

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“If we can’t learn from the stories and experiences of other societies, at least let’s learn from ours. Freedom is not qualified so easily. It cannot be distributed as charity waste from popular dining rooms.

Let the police cling to your task of protecting and managing the protests, don’t try to put your own meaning and statement of intentions in spooky words like “revolution,” Soyinka said.