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Sapade residents scoop fuel from fallen tanker- PHOTO

A petroleum tanker has fallen in Agosasa, Ipokia Local Government Area of Ogun State, spilling its substance.

Local people detailed that the tanker fell away from the faith and flipped around while attempting to climb the messy sharp twist following Odo Afa, in the early long periods of Saturday.

A few people went to the scene with jerry jars and different compartments to scoop oil, GISTOK reports.

An occupant of Agosasa, who talked with GISTOK , anyway unveiled that those scooping fuel had been sent away by security operators to maintain a strategic distance from the flame episode.

In the meantime, crisis laborers, including the Fire Service of Ogun State, the police, troopers, and other security operators were said to have cordoned off the zone to guarantee the wellbeing of lives and properties.