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Radio station for herdsmen: IPOB reacts, blames Obasanjo

The Indigenous People of Biafra, IPOB, has responded to the move by the President Muhammadu Buhari government to build up a radio station for Fulani herders.

IPOB said the move was an affirmation of the inevitable ‘Colonisation and Islamisation’ of Nigeria. The gathering noticed that its head, Nnamdi Kanu had predicted the move more than five years prior; sometime before Buhari turned into the President.

In an announcement by IPOB Director of Media and Publicity, Emmanuel Powerful, the gathering said that the procedure established a reasonable peril to non-Fulani Nigerians.

The gathering accused Olusegun Obasanjo, taking note of that numerous honest lives could have been spared if any semblance of previous President had stood up before now.

The announcement included, “Had any semblance of Obasanjo stood up before when our pioneer over and again cautioned of what was going on, numerous blameless casualties of Fulani herders would at present be alive today, many ethnically purged networks in the Middle Belt, would have been completed too.

“Yet, in a nation where envy is a symbol of respect and desire an exemplary characteristic, we anticipate that resistance should the heavenly messages originating from Mazi Nnamdi Kanu about the freedom of Biafra, however of every single ethnic nationality in Nigeria which some areas yet uninformed of.”

Incredible said that Kanu had on February 6, 2014 ‘forecasted’ that “Fulani herders will be outfitted and urged to butcher us without any potential repercussions and their lords will ensure them.

“They are coming to guarantee that individuals are oppressed perpetually, the individuals who don’t trust me will come before long witness it before their eyes.

“They are coming to lift Hausa-Fulani superior quality to reposition the security offices by sacking every single equipped hand and supplant them with their Fulani Herdsmen to drive their ethnic mastery of Biafrans and different clans in Nigeria.

“The blend of N100 billion to Miyetti Allah, and Federal Government coasting of a devoted radio station for Fulani was the start of the opening of the conduits of damnation in the nation.

“Our pioneer Mazi Nnamdi Kanu cautioned about their coming and association with ISIS no one tuned in to him.

“When he was crying and regretting that individuals will bite the dust, our little girls stole, our moms assaulted, no one gave any consideration, he was expelled as a consideration looking for a crazy person. Today, what’s going on; we inquire?”