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President Buhari’s remarks at 55th Ordinary Session of ECOWAS



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1. It is with extraordinary delight that I energetically welcome you to Abuja in the interest of the Government and People of the Federal Republic of Nigeria on

the event of the 55th Ordinary Session of the Authority of Heads of State and Government of the Economic Community of West African States (ECOWAS).

2. To my associates, let me again repeat my profound thankfulness for the certainty put on me to lead our sub-provincial association, as Chair of the

Authority during the most recent one year. I earnestly thank you for the practical help stretched out to me all through the period. Excellencies Heads of State and Government, Recognized Guests,

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3. As West African pioneers, we are pleased with the stage given by our association to hold standard conferences. We likewise note with fulfillment the powerful working of our Institutions, which further tie us together as part states.

4. The way that we have reconvened here today, to examine advancements in our sub-district, bears declaration to our continued pledge to the solidification of our coordination as a Community. I recognize and praise the goliath steps made by ECOWAS in such manner.

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5. I additionally laud our individual and aggregate endeavors towards the advancement of proper administration, harmony, soundness, and financial improvement in our sub-area.

We should stay concentrated on our total undertaking to make the sub-locale a zone of peace and security.

6. This is a fundamental essential on the off chance that we are to achieve the primary target of our association which is, to “advance participation and combination,

prompting the foundation of a financial and fiscal association in West Africa, so as to raise the expectations for everyday comforts of its kin and add to the advancement and improvement of the African landmass”.

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Your Excellencies, Distinguished Guests,

7. Regardless of the noticeable general advancement, we have made, especially in the field of political administration, our sub-locale keeps on confronting significant security challenges.

We are on the whole observers to the repetitive episodes of between mutual conflicts, herders-ranchers clashes, banditry and fear-based oppressor assaults in the entirety of our nations.

8. These dangers, you will concur with me, have results on the quiet conjunction between our networks and people groups just as their vocations.

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9. This distress additionally undermines every one of our endeavors in accomplishing full provincial incorporation. It is, hence, essential that we demonstration by and large to end this danger in light of a legitimate concern for provincial steadiness and prosperity of our kin.

10. Give me a chance to offer, in the interest of us all, our genuine feelings and sympathies to the groups of the casualties of fear-based oppressor assaults, banditry and between frequent conflicts executed by some misinformed

components in our social orders. We will not yield in our endeavors to ensure our tranquility cherishing individuals and their properties, while enthusiastically continuing the war against fear mongering and culpability.

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Excellencies Heads of State and Government,

11. Considering the transnational idea of the dangers facing us, the requirement for the appropriation of a typical technique at the national and local level to battle them has turned out to be essential.

By so doing, we will fortify our activities and assets for a progressively successful reaction to ensure our residents and secure our shared space.

12. While I recognize that few activities and measures have been taken in our particular nations, late advancements, have demonstrated that we should coordinate all the more viable to accomplish our objectives.

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13. We ought to send a solid and brought together message to the culprits of brutality that we are unfaltering in our aggregate assurance to stand up to and rout them.

14. I might want to reestablish our appreciation to every one of our associates who have skilfully led the political intervention missions we depended to them.

Excellencies, Distinguished Guests,

15. As we endeavor to make a protected, steady, and prosperous condition in West Africa, we should likewise heighten our endeavors to guarantee a maintainable monetary and social improvement in our sub-area.

Like this, we will probably handle destitution and youth joblessness and add to our supported steadiness.

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16. A few issues identifying with various approaches, projects, and ventures are organized for exchange during the present gathering.

17. Similar to our custom, the 55th regular session will likewise think about these issues from the reports on the present plan.

18. Considering the abnormal state of intrigue all of you connect to territorial participation and mix, I am sure that our Summit will be vigorous observer dialogs and produce trustworthy choices.

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19. Give me now, a chance to take this chance to recharge, indeed, our earnest thankfulness to the African Union, the United Nations and all our reciprocal and multilateral accomplices for their continued collaboration and help. We esteem their organization.

20. I will close my comments by wishing us productive thoughts. I like this proclaim open the 55th Ordinary Session of the ECOWAS Authority of Heads of State and Government.