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Ooni of Ife states position on herdsmen attacks, Buhari govt’s Ruga policy

The Ooni of Ife, Adeyeye Ogunwusi has expressed that he and other customary pioneers were working with President Muhammadu Buhari-drove government to manage the danger of brutal herders.

He made the divulgence in a talk with columnists on Sunday in Canada, toward the part of the bargain visit to the nation. Ogunwusi was respected and displayed a key to the city of Brampton in Toronto by the Mayor, Patrick Brown.

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On the ongoing kidnappings in the South-West by presumed Fulani herders, Ooni said that the accentuation ought to be on terrible Fulani individuals.

“The awful herders are the one to be managed. Indeed, even the president has been attempting to isolate the great ones from the terrible ones. We are happy that they have been trying to proffer answer for what is happening.

“We are working intimately with the Federal Government, and we are telling them that it is an aggregate issue. If there is no sufficient security, their won’t is any speculation.”

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On the Ruga settlement adventure, the ruler stated: “No one is supporting RUGA; as said prior, the president said the issue would be talked about better at the proper time.

“We ought not to permit something that would cause issue later on. We are altogether Nigerians; if you need RUGA, people ought to proceed to get land.

“Igbos have interests in Yorubaland; Yorubas likewise have interests in Igboland. Yorubas have an interest in the North; they didn’t do it for nothing; the Northerners additionally have interest in Yorubaland”.

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Whenever approached if the clatter for regionalism ought to be clung to dowse the strain, Ooni set that if that would give adolescents a feeling of having a place and comprehensiveness, at that point, it ought to be received.

He included that any fundamental change that has the capability of removing individuals from poverty ought to be considered.