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Okada protest in Ekiti for the 3,000 tax and want to ban the union

Members of the Nigeria Motorcycle Riders / Riders Association, Ekiti State Chapter, on Thursday night organized a violent protest in Ado Ekiti to oppose the imposition of the N3,000 jacket by their leaders.

The protest affected the free flow of vehicles along the path of the secretary of state and the popular double-lane carriageway Basiri-Ijigbo-Ajilosun, while visibly livid motorcyclists rode boldly to the Ekiti State Assembly Chamber complex to Show your complaints.

It was the timely intervention of the leaders of the House of Assembly, led by the President, Hon Funminiyi Afuye, which prevented the destruction of lives and property from being rampant.

The Protestant riders of Okada, led by Mr. Ogundele Filani, urged the assembly and the governor, Dr. Kayode Fayemi, to save their members from the harassment of their colleagues, who were obstructing their daily business on the way by the contentious cost.

After the rising pressure, the police were quickly recruited to areas such as Fajuyi, Ijigbo, and Okeyinmi, to avoid further protests that could play with the relative peace in the state.

Feeling danger in the actions of the angry riders of Okada, who total more than 500 in the Assembly complex, Afuye asked them to maintain peace and solve problems through dialogue, rather than violence.

The President, who had the support of the Vice President, Hon Hakeem Jamiu, advised them to submit their complaints to his office officially and that they would be addressed accordingly.

“Taking the laws in your hands would rather jeopardize your goal than help you. I promise to investigate your complaints if they are properly channeled.”

Despite the plea, the leader of Okada riders, Ogundele Filani, however, insisted that they did not want the union of Okada riders again.

Filani said they protested against unnecessary taxes imposed on Union leaders in Ado-Ekiti, among which was the purchase of an apron in N3,000 by all members despite the hefty fees their unions charged them.

He claimed that “our union leaders have been feeding fat with the sweat of other members of the union. All we want is for the state governor and the assembly to save us from union leaders by outlawing the union with immediate effect,” he said.