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Obasanjo, Jonathan did not create Niger Delta, Yoruba radio – Charlyboy attacks Buhari

Nonconformist performer and extremist, Charlyboy has condemned President Muhammadu Buhari’s legislature over the proposed arrangement to set up a Fulani radio station.

Review that the Minister of Education, Adamu said that the Federal Government had procured an Amplitude Modulation communicated radio permit for herders as a feature of endeavors to end perpetual ranchers herders’ conflicts.

He included that the foundation of the radio recurrence was to end the perpetual rancher’s herders emergencies the nation over.

Responding to the move by the central government which has been creating analysis on the web, Charlyboy on his Instagram page cautioned Nigerians of approaching inconvenience working up in the country.

He scrutinized Buhari’s rationale behind Fulani radio.

Charlyboy stated: “Obasanjo was President for a long time he no set up Oduduwa radio. Goodluck Jonathan was President for a long time; there was no Niger Delta radio.

“President Buhari, under four years, has opened Fulani radio. Where do you think about this is making a beeline for? “My kin, these individuals wear to enter our 18. Allows all change ourselves. I smell a truckload of wahala coming.”