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‘No meter, no billing’ – Electricity consumers insist

Power customers in Delta State have charged the Nigerian Electricity Regulatory Commission (NERC) to implement the “No Meter, No Billing” rule in the nation.

The customers made the interest on Friday at a one-day NERC Electricity Consumers Public Consultation on the topic, “Topping of Estimated Billing and Distribution Franchising” in Asaba.

A portion of the purchasers, Mr. John Uche, Mr. Larry Olise, Mr. Sam Obidi, Mrs. Ngozi Obi, among others, portrayed the administrations of the Benin Electricity Distribution Company (BEDC) in the state as woeful and harvesting off the shoppers through assessed billings.

As per them, the general population of Delta merited conciliatory sentiment from the conveyance organization and the power controller for the shoddy administrations and disregard.

“Nigerians shouldn’t pay for meters, nor acquire transformers, power links among others before being associated with the open power source.

“NERC should make the DISCOs supply and prepaid meters allowed to each home, and until they do this, they should stop giving the customers evaluated billings. We demand No Meter, No Billings,” they said.

They, nonetheless, promised to investigate openings in the conveyance establishment and approached NERC to affix the procedure of meter supply and establishment to each customer to guarantee legitimate power billings in the state.

The NERC Chairman, Prof. James Momoh while tending to the discussion, guaranteed them that modalities were being worked out to ensure that the DISCOs stop the evaluated billings forthwith.

He said that the topping of evaluated charging and the appropriation establishment when completely actualized would improve buyers off. He likewise said that the meters were not free as customers would need to pay for them.

As indicated by him, the explanation behind the meeting is to look for the shopper’s contributions on the issue of assessed charging. “Topping assessed charging here implies that the previously evaluated billings charged buyers for not having meters is going to stop.

” This discussion is to get customer’s sentiments and choices, and when the topping and the bill goes, there will be most extreme sum buyers should pay if the DISCOs does not give meters.

“The entire thought is to incite, elevate and make DISCOs to give prepaid meters to Nigerians, everywhere throughout the world, customers pay for power through metering.

“We presently have a necessity that meters ought to be given to all clients in Nigeria, yet that may take over one day, and we said metering should begin May first this year.

“This could require significant investment yet we have a most extreme time of two years to furnish meters to every single enlisted client with the DISCOs.

“However, in doing that we need to put a stop to most extreme sum customers will pay with the goal that you won’t be over evaluated,” he said.

He said the weight of obtaining meters had been detracted from the DISCOs; however, the Meter Asset Procurement (MAP) Program, the private speculators willing to contribute and give meters to Nigerians.

He said that the circulation resource supplier, which was called dissemination establishment, would make an open door for financial specialists to make cash giving meters, keeping up and gathering bills.

He said that toward the end, the entire procedure that it would satisfy and the purchasers would never again spend their monies acquiring offices for the DISCOs to give them power as the establishment would remove that trouble.

On his part, Mr. Abu Ejoor, Executive Director, BEDC said that the organization had gone along and would guarantee the metering of all power shoppers in the state following the mandate of NERC.

He, be that as it may, charged shoppers to dependably counsel with the DISCOs before setting out on the acquisition of intensity transformers, other subordinate offices and abstain from associating power illicitly.

As per him, the DISCOs must acquire power materials and interface shoppers to the power source.

He said that counts of shoppers in the state were ongoing, including that when every one of the procedures was closed, buyers who pay for the meters would be metered.