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Nigerian military denies secretly burying 1,000 soldiers killed by Boko Haram

Nigeria’s defense headquarters, DHQ, ruled out on Thursday a Wall Street Journal report that claimed that a thousand soldiers in the northeast were secretly buried under cover of darkness after being killed by Boko Haram and ISWAP insurgents.

The Director of Defense Information, Onyema Nwachukwu, insisted that the Nigerian Armed Forces do not participate in the secret burial of the soldiers, but grant the fallen soldiers a military funeral according to the international standard.

The Wall Street Journal report alleged that about 1,000 soldiers killed by Boko Haram were secretly buried in the northeast. However, Nwachukwu said the report was a product of the writer’s imagination.

A statement signed by Nwachukwu and sent to the POSTAL DIARIO says: “The Defense Headquarters has noted with consternation an online article in the” Wall Street Journal “that means the Nigerian army maintains secret cemeteries in the Northeast theater of operations. The hint can only emanate from an uninformed position of the author of that publication.

“Therefore, it is necessary to inform the public that the Nigerian Armed Forces have a vibrant and solemn tradition for the burial of our fallen heroes.

“Therefore, it should be clarified unambiguously that the Nigerian Armed Forces do not surrender to secret burials since the ethos and traditions of the Nigerian army are sacrilege and blasphemies.

“Along with the traditions of the Armed Forces, fallen heroes are duly honored and respected at a military funeral according to international standards, with a funeral parade, prayer in the grave, solemn prayers for the rest of the souls of Islamic clerics and Christians, as well as greetings with weapons, apart from other military funeral rites.

“The cemetery described in the publication, which is located in the military cantonment of Maimalari, is a military cemetery officially designated for the Nigerian Armed Forces in the northeast theater, with a cenotaph erected in honor of our fallen heroes.

The official cemetery has hosted several national and international dignitaries, where flower crowns were placed in honor of the fallen heroes. Therefore, it is far from the bad impression that “Wall Street Journal” paints.

The Defense Headquarters, therefore, urged members of the Armed Forces and the general public to ignore the misinformed publication and see it as “a product of the writer’s imagination, whose knowledge of ethos and traditions valued by the military is very out of place. ”

GISTOK had previously reported that Atiku Abubakar, presidential candidate of the Popular Democratic Party (PDP) of 2019, had challenged President Muhammadu Buhari to investigate the reported secret burial of 1,000 Nigerian soldiers killed by Boko Haram and ISWAP.

A statement that the former vice president signed on Thursday said the Wall Street Journal report on the matter was sad and that the attempt to hide the actual state of the war on terrorism was heartbreaking and shocking.