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Nigerian Government Warns Citizens Of Carrying More Than $3,000 To Ethiopia

The Ethiopian Customs and Revenue Authority has ventured up its moves to begin seizure of remote monetary forms and assets in abundance of $3,000.

Mr. Friday Akpan, a representative for the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, revealed this in an announcement.

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Akpan said the standard on the relinquishment of undeclared assets applies to travelers going to Ethiopia or traveling, including the indictment of guilty parties of illegal tax avoidance by Ethiopian laws.

He asked Nigerian voyagers to the nation to observe the improvement and hold fast carefully to maintain a strategic distance from undue humiliation at their airplane terminal.

Akpan said Nigeria’s consulate in Addis Ababa was connecting with Ethiopian experts to verify the arrival of undeclared monies seized from Nigerians.

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In January, the consulate and the Nigerian mission in Ethiopia had before educated Nigerian voyagers on the seizure plans of abundance monetary standards by the Ethiopian experts.

The data earlier was gone for defending Nigerian voyagers from having their monies and assets seized.