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Nigeria Should Reject Netanyahu’s Impending Visit By Yusuf Aweda

The looming visit of Israeli Prime Minister to Nigeria without precedent for a long time would carry a more prominent mark to what is left of Nigeria’s International qualities.

My pen is overwhelming in terrible displeasure regarding the approaching visit of Israeli head administrator to Nigeria.

This is certifiably not an unusual subject the ink is continuously excited about because the man being referred to speaks to fear and atrocities on the world stage.

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Netanyahu has been the most insubordinate and violator of UN goals, human rights, and International law. He has released psychological oppression on the Palestinians again and again, executing their youngsters, ladies and exposed men shamefully.

He has been the vampire, who gives orders for the powerful detainment and seizing of Palestinian Christian youngsters, Jewish and Muslim kids and unlawfully possessing their properties. An activity that is carefully against International law.

Netanyahu gets enormous challenges against his visits to any nation by human rights activists and natives of visiting countries including the UK and the US in spite of their administration’s help for his unlawful military activities in Palestine.

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Netanyahu has driven and energized bigotry against Africans and their unjustifiable medicines.

Indeed, even the Christian Africans who relocated for the sake of ‘God’s affection’ and the deception of visiting the place where there is the purported ‘picked individuals’ have gotten shared of the Zionist Israel’s venom.

Part of inquiries encompasses why he wouldn’t visit South Africa and charming some shanty African nations like Togo with money for security cast a ballot at the UN.

South Africa endure politically-sanctioned racial segregation that has given them a complete opportunity with massive help from Nigeria and other reasonable nations.

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A similar politically-sanctioned racial segregation is the thing that Israel is releasing on the Palestinians. At the point when Nelson Mandela kicked the bucket, Netanyahu would not go to his internment like other world pioneers since

Mandela, and South Africans know too well the agony and the outcome of the evil of politically-sanctioned racial segregation that is being released on Palestinians by Israel.

They went through the same and endured it. Indeed, even after its high heads and opportunity warrior were all unreasonably detained and labeled fear based oppressors.

Thus, seeing Zionist Israel with its atrocities and innocent blood floating around it can’t be supported by a South African that isn’t strange to the accounts of their history.

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Mandela once stated, ‘Our Freedom isn’t Complete until Palestine is free.’ Every one of these actualities is accessible on the UN goals database, the International Criminal Court substance,

Zionist Israeli infringement of the Palestinian rights for more than 60 years has recorded by the International Human Rights Organizations,

Amnesty International documentation of fear-based oppression of Israel on Palestine and different corners of truth on the planet.

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On the off chance that a nation is great and not a patron of fear-based oppression, unlawful control of other individuals’ territories, executing of kids and exchanging their organs for illegal medicinal reason,

connected with numerous destructive deaths than any nation as of late discharged by psychological oppression specialists and death analysts and being a supporter of a politically-sanctioned racial segregation state.

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It won’t assume control more than six decades to visit a nation like Nigeria. So when I saw a few people’s remarks adulating his approaching visit. I wonder where they got their training.

An assessment piece by Yusuf Aweda. Mr. Aweda is the Director, Center For Human Rectitude. The assessments communicated in this article are exclusively those of the writer and not of Naija News.