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Ngige alfombras NLC, NUPENG

The Minister of Labor and Employment, Dr. Christ Ngige, has denied the charges by the Nigeria Union of Petroleum and Natural Gas Workers (NUPENG) and the Nigerian Labor Congress (NLC) that he was on a grudge mission to banish NUPENG.

Ngige said this in an announcement by Mrs. Rhoda Iliya, Head, Press and Public Relations in the service, on Tuesday in Abuja. The priest portrayed the claim by the worker’s organization as “shabby and unconscionable untruths.” “What an evil from two associations that have exchanged etiquette for shoddy purposeful publicity.

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“On thirteenth May 2019, a letter was composed by the Department of Trade Union Services and Industrial Relations (SIR) of the Federal Ministry of Labor and Employment, decisively by the Registrar of Trade Union to both the NUPENG and Trade Union Congress (TUC).

“The letter draws the consideration of the Unions to the non-version of their budgetary returns for the years 2017 and 2018. “The letter coordinated that the associations ought to agree as indicated by the arrangements of Sections 40 and 37(i) of the Trade Unions Act of 2004.

“It expresses that each enlisted body will send to the recorder before first June in every year, a yearly return in the endorsed structure and will be confirmed as of a right by the properly delegated reviewer.

“The NUPENG and TUC being in rupture of this Section 37(i), the Registrar of Trade Union summoned Section 40 of the Trade Unions Act Cap T.14(LFN) 2004, which gives the Registrar of Trade Union forces to demand that every one of the books of records of defaulting associations be submitted to the Registrar for further investigation to make for responsibility in the administration of the associations’ assets,” he said.

He said this incorporate registration duty of laborers deducted at source from their compensations. Ngige clarified that the TUC President by and by went to the service to explain his difficulty and requested augmentation of time on the sympathetic ground.

“The ever bold, presumptuous and poorly educated NUPENG initiative took to the press for base ridiculing, helping everybody to remember their doomed intrusion of the private living arrangement of the Hon. Pastor and soliciting this gathering from junior framework oil laborers.

“This is particularly tanker drivers to be on red alarm for the strike, accordingly compromising Nigerians rather than expressions of remorse for being in default. We caution NUPENG to stop immediately with this silly intruder of tanker drivers.

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“It is clear that the service was doing its legal capacities. NUPENG was not singled out, nor was it approached to give just the yearly report of 2018 as they had directed their 2019 meeting.

“The service in this manner wishes to express that the priest has no aim of banishing NUPENG or any Union at all, however intrinsically engaged in doing as such if need be,” he said. He cautioned the authority of NUPENG to cease from misdirecting general society by spreading false data about the service.

“In a similar vein, the Ministry takes note of that NLC, who sadly is crying more than the deprived, knowing very well indeed that NUPENG is subsidiary to the United Labor Congress(ULC) has all of a sudden understood that the pastor was the chief able specialist in all work matters in accordance with the arrangements of the ILO. “How we wish it had understood this at the same time and not participate in a vain, stupid conflict with the Hon. Clergyman over a protected right of the President to make political arrangements,” he added