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Miyetti Allah reveals those behind kidnappings, killings

The president of the Southeast of the Association of Breeders of Livestock Miyetti Allah of Nigeria (MACBAN), Alhaji Siddiki Gidado, has affirmed that non-Fulani bandits are responsible for the majority of the murders and kidnappings in the geopolitical zone.

Speaking to The Guardian, Gidado stated that although there might be few bad eggs among the Fulani, most kidnappings and murders could be attributed to other cattle breeders.

These include the Arabs Shua, Kanuri, Igbo, Tiv and Jukun, whom he pointed out, normally dress as Fulani and commit such crimes.

“In each tribe, you have bad eggs and when some evil acts are carried out, the whole tribe takes responsibility.

“Most of the murders are attributed to Fulani when they are not to blame,” said Gidado.

The MACBAN leader in the southeast zone also appreciated the solid and cordial relationship between Miyetti Allah and the governors of the southeast.