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May 29: ‘Ain’t no stopping us now’ – Adesina mocks PDP, Atiku, others Mohammad

Femi Adesina, Special Adviser to President mohammad Buhari on Media and Publicity, hosts taunted the Peoples Democratic Get-together, PDP, and its presidential hopeful, Alhaji Atiku Abubakar in an article on Saturday.

He entitled it “PMB’s second term: Ain’t no ceasing us currently, we’re progressing.”

In the article he sent to GISTOK on Saturday, Adesina featured different methods the resistance utilized to stop President Muhammadu Buhari yet fizzled.

The Presidential assistant discharged the article in front of the Presidential introduction coming up on May 29.

He composed:

The youthful individuals (men-about-town) during the 80s will recall the 1979 hit track by McFadden and Whitehead, titled Ain’t no halting us now.

The verses go subsequently:

Ain’t no ceasing us now!

We’re moving!

Ain’t no ceasing us now!

We have the score!

Also, if you consider and think about the political voyage of President Muhammadu Buhari, directly from 2003, when he gave it a shot, till now, there have been lively endeavors to stop him. It got to a head in the development to the 2019 decisions, when a malicious alliance was assembled, all to end Nigeria’s inflexible walk to enormity.

It flopped resoundingly.

On Wednesday, May 29, 2019, President Buhari will make a vow for the second term in office. A considerable number of good Nigerians will be insane with happiness, yet some other critical minority would be in ‘Aafia’ (extreme) torments. Why? Ain’t no ceasing Muhammadu Buhari; he’s progressing!

The man will get his furrow, and wrongdoers will be in the wrong position.

The battle among light and dimness, underhanded and high, has been an everlasting one. A few people love dimness more than the sun, since it is under the front of murkiness that they flourish, thriving in their abhorrent demonstrations: excellent theft, loot, killings, and others.

Along these lines, they will never cherish the Mai Gaskiya (the legit man) and would do everything to stop him or force him down.

The endeavors to stop Buhari have been vigorous, throbbing.

After notoriety of trustworthiness and integrity as a military representative, oil serve, individual from the Supreme Military Council, his associates found nobody better to wear the diadem as military head of state than the ramrod-straight man from Daura.

Also, he started to reset the establishments of Nigeria, thumping sense into the leaders of the immoral and those inclined to indiscipline. It was never again the same old thing.

In any case, the fantasy run kept going just 20 months, before they truncated it.

The landowners of Nigeria struck and ceased Buhari. Up in smoke went integrity and responsibility. Control flew out through the window. Furthermore, we returned to a spot more terrible than the starting point.

The man returned as an improved democrat. He tried to be President in 2003, 2007, and 2011. Be that as it may, those in mortal dread of nobility in high places grouped, and halted him.

The Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) had culminated the specialty of decisions control, and they utilized it as far as possible.

Be that as it may, in 2015, there isn’t no all the more ceasing Buhari.

An enormous alliance for change was worked around him, and great Nigerians supported the hero. Did he live joyfully ever after?

No way on earth! The enemies followed him. Ran, sought after and endeavored to overwhelm. A wide range of things, physical and profound, were tossed at him, to dispose of the man who might not take, and not enable individuals to take.

An incapacitating ailment came. What’s more, for the more significant part of 2017, the President was accepting restorative consideration, both at home and abroad. Rather than altruism and petitions, they were cheering.

We’ve at long last ceased him, they bragged. Be that as it may, did they? Really? Not if God was as yet alive.

Ain’t no ceasing Buhari, as in August 2017; he got back his section. His wellbeing bounced back, and he continued to work ultimately.

Would Pharaoh halt from seeking after Israel? No. He was bound to die in a watery grave, so he found after Israel into the ocean.

They shaped what they called an alliance, vowing that they would prevent Buhari from winning the 2019 decisions. This was after letters had flown around from the ace letter essayist, mostly instructing the President to get off from the pony.

That letter author believes he’s the landowner of Nigeria, as anyone he moved against never endures. He thought he could elevate and oust pioneers freely. The Yoruba individuals state the day the witch kills twins that she quits eating meat.

The letter author bit beyond what he could eat, and it stuck in his throat. He framed a political alliance; it crumbled directly in his face. He initially received an ideological group to use in his offer to unseat the officeholder, at that point in demonstration of utter perplexity, he relinquished that new gathering and went for a competitor of the PDP.

A similar man he had gone through the previous ten years wrecking, composing volumes and volumes of verbiage against, he currently endeavored to pitch to Nigerians. Is it accurate to say that we were fools?

See the fantastic scheme by the individuals who called themselves ‘Atikulators.’ They included previous presidents, some resigned military big bosses, disappointed senior government workers, agents, evangelists, and the world-class, for the most part.

The conduit entryways of free assets had been hammered closed, and they were miserable. As grievous as King Lear best case scenario.

The letter essayist assembled the universal network, bolstering them with falsehood and disinformation. Vulcanization. Islamization, and other unpleasant inventions. He was at that point, tending to the PDP applicant as “my approaching President.”

Goodness, in what manner or capacity simple to manufacture manors noticeable all around!

Marabouts, witches, wizards, and false prophets taking on the appearance of ministers, priests, and diocese supervisors likewise joined the conflict. They started to regurgitate deception, which they credited to God. He that sits in Heaven just snickered at them and held them in absolute disparagement.

Every one of the individuals who were on the wrong side of the law joined the trick. Ex-this, ex-that, who had manhandled their workplaces, and were being made to address questions, crawled under the umbrella. They knew whether their man won, their cases would kick the regular bucket passings.

In this way, for them, it involved life and demise.

They accompanied false political stages and estimations. Votes in North-west and North-east would be shared.

They would clear North-focal, where they had gone through the most recent two years attempting to decry and de-showcase Buhari and his ideological group. South-west would likewise be shared, and after that, they would win South-east and South-south discount.

It appeared to be secure on paper, especially when you likewise toss in massive vote purchasing, hacking of all the hackable, and a complicit legal executive as Plan B.

They were at that point, arranging how to sell Nigeria and advise the poor to get lost. In any case, they didn’t figure with the courage of poor people and discouraged.

They are individuals who know where their bread would be buttered and where their future satisfaction lay. In their millions, they trooped out to vote in favor of the genuine man. They packed light, rather than dimness. Toward the finish, around four million votes isolated the men from the young men.

The man left holding the short end of the stick went to court, guaranteeing a few servers from George Orwell’s sugar treat mountain, gave him triumph. It’s inside his civil rights. Ain’t no ceasing Buhari now; he’s progressing!

Lately, banditry, killings, murder, and anarchy have suffused the length and broadness of the nation. Everything seems arranged, arranged, to accomplish specific closures.

The law authorization offices are pointing fingers in specific ways. Be that as it may, Nigerians need them to accomplish more. Draw in the criminals, and let them face the law. That is the thing that President Buhari lets them know at every Security Council meeting, as well.

Also, we will arrive. Before long and very soon, because we have depression. At the point when the smash runs, its gonads dangle angrily from side to side. Be that as it may, regardless, the gonads can never tumble off. Nigeria will stay joined together, in spite of all intrigues of the malicious ones.

In that melody by McFadden and Whitehead, you have these lines: There have been such huge numbers of things that are holding us down, However, at this point, it would appear that things are at long last comin’ round.

Indeed. Things are coming round for Nigeria. We will get to where we are going — our reasonable safe houses, land streaming with milk and nectar. The screwy and degenerate won’t ever stop us, nor would they rule us again, and the abundance of Nigeria will be utilized for the benefit of Nigerians. Ain’t no ceasing us currently; we’re moving!