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Lagos Task Force Officers Assault Journalist, Detain Him For Hours

Abdul-Waheed Usamah, a writer, was attacked on Saturday by officers of the Lagos Task Force for standing up to the officers to quit pestering honest individuals.

The occurrence occurred at the Police College in Ikeja amid a triumph party composed for the Lagos Governor-Elect Babajide sanwo-Olu on Saturday.

Usamah, who is the Managing Director of an online news gateway called ‘The Guild’, was beaten beat up as well as packaged into a Black Maria and taken to the Task Force Headquarters in Oshodi. He was kept at the base camp for two hours.

As indicated by Usamah, “I went to the Victory party composed for the Lagos Governor-choose, Babajide Sanwo-Olu, and his delegate, Dr. Obafemi Kadri Hamzat, by Sanwo-Olu’s ICG, and held at the Police College in Ikeja.

Amid the occasion, I saw how cops connected to the Lagos State Task Force host been annoying and humiliating APC gathering individuals and different visitors who were attempting to get to VIP session of the gathering, and I drew the consideration of the coordinator and the ICG’s security to the men.

“Amid the way toward attempting to prompt and made recommendations to the ICG’s security to spare visitors from the humiliation originating from the cops, one the officers, viciously pushed me and we got into contentions, and others, including their unrivaled, began compromising.

“While I was attempting to work them out, one officer originated from the group, and punched me in the face, and the following thing I knew, five of the officers began hauling me and commandingly pushed into the Task Force truck. I was kept operating at a profit Maria for 60 minutes, and was later determined, inside the Black Maria to the’s office where I was kept inside the cell.”

He clarified further: “When we got to the’s office, I was given over to the officers on obligation who after, catching my two telephones, asked me to expelled my belt and shoes, and bolted me inside a cell where I met around 17 individuals torn up pretty bad.

“After about an hour and a half, one officer came in declaring my name and guided his partners to open the phone iron door for me and drove me to the Task Force Chairman’s office, where I met him. He requested for my effects in the organization’s consideration and discharged me.”