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Killings in Nigeria: Onaiyekan issues warning to herdsmen, Fulani leaders

The Catholic archbishop of Abuja, His Eminence, Cardinal John Onaiyekan, asked Fulani leaders on Saturday to warn his people against violence before things get out of control in the country.

Onaiyekan, who called for a Mass to celebrate his 50th anniversary of priestly ordination in Abuja, emphasized that pastors should be concerned about the speed with which they are mentioned by something evil.

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He noted that at this rate, very soon, no place would be safe for the Fulanis because no one is safe at this time due to the Fulanis.

“If I am a Fulani, I will do whatever it takes to advise them to stop giving the Fulanis a bad name because people say that Fulani shepherds perpetrate every attack in the country at this time,” said NAN.

“Many of the hostages, after their release, reported that their kidnappers were Fulani shepherds, so we can start cleaning Fulani camps so that those who use Fulani’s names for evil no longer do so.”

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“Do. It was said that Fr. Paul Offu, who was shot dead on August 1, 2019, was killed by thugs suspected of being the notorious Fulani shepherds and murderers,” he said.

However, he prayed for Father Paul Offu’s soul to rest in peace, adding: “We pray that those whose job it is to ensure the nation prepare for the challenge and do what is required of them.”

Onaiyekan, who noted that he had never regretted being a priest, emphasized that, like every person in life, the priesthood had its challenges and as a priest, there were sacrifices that one should make.

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“As a priest, you must be ready to sacrifice yourself and get used to some of the inconvenience that it entails, the priesthood is not as difficult as they make it seem,” the Prelate added.

Peter Onaiyekan, brother of Cardinal Onaiyekan, said he was proud to have a brother like him and that the cardinal was the smartest in the family.