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Just In: Shites Movement Officially Files Case Against Proscription

The Islamic Movement of Nigeria has officially appealed against the ex parte order made on July 26 that outlaws them as a terrorist organization.

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The IMN lawyer popularly called the Shiites, Haruna Magashi asked the court to put aside the ex parte order issued on July 26 to ban the IMN as a terrorist organization.

They also want the court to put aside the order to prevent any of its members from participating in the activities of the group.

The lawsuit was based on four grounds, one of which the group said the order was made without jurisdiction since it was made against a non-legal body. The Shiite group also claimed that the order was made without giving the defendant (that is the group) a right to a fair hearing.

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According to this, the order is a violation of the fundamental rights of all RMI members to an impartial hearing and freedom of association. However, no date or judge has been assigned to the lawsuit.