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Jakana residents Reveal why they are leaving for Maiduguri

Residents of the village of Jakana in Borno state, in northeastern Nigeria, have said that while they appreciate the governor of Borno state for the show of love and visit the area after the attack last week by members of the dreaded Islamic sect, Boko Haram, they are concerned about the lack of sincerity on the part of the security agent, to ensure the protection of lives and property in the area.

Bulama Kundiri, who spoke with GISTOK in Maiduguri, the state capital of Borno, said he expressed his concerns to the governor when he visited him and told him everything that had happened, including the kidnapping of some girls.

“The insurgents also looted our food after killing some of our people. The governor said we should stop fleeing to Maiduguri, but the truth is, where did he want us to go when these attackers came with AK47 rifles and other dangerous weapons?

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“Some of our people are returning after the attack last week. We were here when they came to attack, the security agents who are supposed to provide protection were nowhere when all this is happening, and the government asks us to stay and not run to Maiduguri.

“We listen and appreciate it, but if the security situation continues like this, we would all run to Maiduguri and stay with them,” said Bulama Kundiri.

Another resident, Mohammed Wakil, who moved with his families from Jakana to Maiduguri after the attack, told GISTOK in Maiduguri that they thought peace had returned when the government asked internally displaced people to return to their homes, but They never saw order when they returned.

“We live in an internally displaced person camp for three years before moving to the host community. When the government said we should return home, we are glad that peace has returned. But what we saw last week with the attack, we know that peace in Borno is not close to coming.

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“The governor was in Jakana, he heard from our elders, so whatever he told us as our governor, we would listen to him, but it is not good to ask us to continue the ongoing attacks. Some of our people are very angry at the request of a governor who came and saw the difficulties to which our people have been exposed and the lack of protection in the area. “For me, I am moving to Maiduguri due to the conflict,” said Wakil.