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IMN: Between Civil Disobedience And Terrorism



In a world that has become global, replication of what has worked in other countries is expected. Civil disobedience has been used by some countries with appreciable results.

There are examples to cite: Arab Spring, Orange Protest, Yellow Vests Protest and the ongoing Hong Kong protests.

But protests are not for terrorists. Global best practice is for protestors to act within limits dictated by the law of the land. Violence taints protests, removes legitimacy from the cause of protestors that rely on violence.

Shedding blood in pursuit of any goal sours the end product. Purveyors of the Arab Spring can attest to this much; in countries where they used violence, peace has taken flight.

Find out from Libya. It is a scenario that some embittered politicians are keen to replicate in Nigeria. They have been shopping for terrorists to blow up the country.

The Islamic Movement in Nigeria, IMN, is unaware of these dynamics. At the very least it is aware about them but is pretending that they do not exist. IMN never had a basis to protest.

It has now worsened its lack of a basis by shedding blood when it invaded the National Assembly of the Federal Republic of Nigeria.

The blood on the hands of the brainwashed fighters of IMN is thick because it is the blood of policemen. The blood sticks fast to their hands because it was guns they shot at the policemen, when IMN had always claimed to have no weapon.

IMN fighters hurt even the populace that was once sympathetic. They stoned hapless Nigerians that were caught in the crossfire of the attack on policemen. Scores of cars were either torched or vandalized.

If IMN claimed self defence in attacking the policemen what will it claim for harming innocent civilians? The Shia fanatics attacked people because their objective at the National Assembly was to cause terror.

Unleashing violence is not new to this group. It has a long history of violence that earned it a ban in Kaduna state. Its members once killed a soldier for which they are still standing trial.

They invaded Abuja and attempted to steal weapons from a military convoy in transit. They committed arson all over the city while putting its resident through hell by obstructing free flow of traffic.

Add these to the invasion of the National Assembly and it is obvious this is no agitation. It is a posse of sectarian terrorists.

IMN counsel, Chief Femi Falana has confirmed that much. He warned the government against provoking an insurgency when his clients have already started one.

A statement he officially issued said “This nation cannot afford another war of insurgency which is being provoked by the contemptuous conduct of the federal government in the handling of the case of the El-Zakzaky.”

Anyone that has doubt should by now realize that IMN is bent on escalating its protests to full terrorist attacks. Falana, their lawyer’s statement is a confirmation. Several IMN spokespersons have threatened insurgency as well.

They make it sound like threats made in desperation but it is something they have prepared for. It is sad that the lawmakers are taken in. They see helpless protestors in IMN fighters when terrorists are at their own very gates.

But it is now proven that the resolution of the House was sold and purchased at the behest of the political opposition. Someone must educate our lawmakers that the differences between protestors and terrorists are as clear as the incompatibility of night and day.

Terrorists attack the state, its agencies and organization while seeing civilians as fair game should they be caught in their attacks; terrorists make unrealistic demands like asking for a man standing trial for treason and murder to be freed without a verdict being reached by the bench.

Protestors remain civil even in the face of extreme provocation, which IMN cannot lay claim to; protestors stick to realistic demands.

Those propping up IMN must thus desist. The invasion of the National Assembly, the shooting of policemen, the industrial scale arson against Nigerians should perturb even the most unrepentant of IMN sponsors.

It happened before when Boko Haram terrorists turned upon their sponsors. It is a matter of time before IMN consumes those that are aiding and abetting it today.

IMN may be the desirous bride of the opposition right now but when it bares its fangs as a terror group it will poison even its sponsors. The monster has already been created.

Bad. The only good news is that the IMN genie is still in the bottle. That is if the opposition and poorly informed lawmakers will leave it right there in the bottle.

The situation calls for realistic approach to curbing IMN’s rise into an insurgent group. This is not the time for the kind of do-gooder pontificating that is making the round.

Those seeking to be perceived as politically correct have no business here. The danger posed to Nigeria by this group negates any political capital to be made from promoting them.

When the IMN storm that is being brewed makes landfall there will be no People’s Democratic Party, PDP, Igbo or Yoruba. It will be IMN terrorist group and its victims.

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Buhari approves new appointment




President Muhammadu Buhari approved the appointment of Captain Musa Nuhu as the new Director-General of the Nigerian Civil Aviation Authority (NCAA).

Latest Nigeria newspaper report that It will replace Captain Muthar Usman. Until his appointment, Nuhu was the Permanent Representative of Nigeria to the International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO).

He is an airline pilot, security expert, leading quality control auditor, and artificial intelligence expert. Nuhu has a master’s degree. Bachelor of Business in Aviation and was in the Presidential Air Fleet as Captain and security officer.

Latest Nigeria newspaper report that He also worked at Nigeria Airways, Aero Contractors and Petrowest, among other organizations.

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Declare state of emergency on education – CLO tells Gov Emmanuel




The Civil Liberties Organization, a chapter of the state of Akwa Ibom, has asked Governor Udom Emmanuel to declare a state of emergency in the state’s education sector.

The president of CLO in the state, Franklyn Isong, said this in his office in Uyo, the state capital while informing journalists as part of activities to commemorate World Teachers’ Day with the theme “Young teachers: the future of the profession.”

He said the need became necessary to stop the serious decomposition of infrastructure and insecurity in state public schools.

Isong criticized the content of the education presentation recently organized by the state government, describing it as “urbanized” and not with the intention of capturing the deep crisis that was shaking the sector in the state.

He said: “It is worrisome and sad that most public schools in some communities in Akwa Ibom state are in ruins, insecure and left to the destiny of the communities without government attention.

“All that is needed is for the Governor to take bold steps by declaring a state of emergency in the education sector to build more classroom blocks in rural and urban schools, provide good infrastructure such as science equipment, libraries, laboratories, as well as review the education curriculum to ensure a better and safe future for children in the state of Akwa Ibom. ”

He thanked the state government for tameing the right to basic education of the Akwa Ibom child in free and compulsory education and urged the state government to do what is necessary.

“The right to basic education of all Nigerian children, as enshrined in the Child Rights Act of 2003 in Article 15 (1), had been tamed under the Akwa Ibom State Child Rights Act, to ensure that every child in the State of Akwa Ibom the right to compulsory, free and qualitative basic education. ”

Isong added that; “In the Fundamental Principles and Directives of State Policy, as set out in Chapter 2, Section 13 of the Constitution of the Federal Republic of Nigeria of 1999 (as amended), the government has the responsibility to ensure that the education of Nigerian children be free and qualitative. ”

He also urged the government to address the numerous complaints of delays in the payment of pensions and unpaid tips to relatives of late elementary school teachers with delays in 1991 and to provide an improved social assistance package for teachers in public schools throughout the state.

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We will attack DSTV, MTN, Shoprite, Stanbic IBTC, others if they don’t leave Nigeria – Yoruba youths




After the xenophobic attacks against Nigerians and Nigerian companies in South Africa, the Oodua Youth Coalition, OYC, has granted South African companies and businesses seven ultimata to leave Nigeria.

Latest Nigeria newspaper report that the group president, Oluyi Akintade Tayo, the refusal of the interested parties to give in to the notice of resignation will mean death.

While expressing disappointment at the attitude of South Africans against Nigerians living and working in South Africa, particularly what they described as the continued silence of the South African government on development, the group emphasized that during the apartheid era, which was the time Difficult of In the rainbow country, Nigeria was firm with them.

The statement says: “Oodua Youth Coalition (OYC), the most crucial youth group in Nigeria that projects and protects the Yoruba nation in the country, is sad and angry because South Africans, with the support of the country’s authorities, are coordinating the looting and burning of Nigerian businesses and mutilations and murders of our brothers and fathers on earth.

“It is unfortunate that South Africa, which under the apartheid regime had the support and solidarity of the Nigerians and the government while the white supremacists reigned supreme, is now turning to inflict physical and psychological pain and injury to the people whose parents committed great harm.” part of wages and profits and the community to end the apartheid reign.

“The circulating video in which Mr. Bongani Mkongi, the Vice Minister of Police of South Africa, defended the attacks against Nigerians and other Africans confirmed our previous fear and doubts about the guilt of the South African authorities. It is disconcerting that the country whose former leader, the late Nelson Mandela, recognized Nigeria’s efforts to elevate the South African-led government, is expelling other Africans, mostly Nigerians, energetically and with shame.

“We have tolerated the excesses of these South Africans whose businesses have prospered in Nigeria without any physical and psychological attack. For months, the coalition has written several letters to the South African consulate in Nigeria requesting meetings to chart a way forward and find a lasting solution for these unfortunate and barbaric incidents that have still been ignored or have run into a brick wall.

“OYC, after an emergency meeting, has concluded plans to, as a matter of urgency, attack all South African companies and facilities in Nigeria, especially in the southwest region of the country. DSTV, MTN, SHOPRITE, STANBIC IBTC, and other outlets are our goals.

“Therefore, we give these South African companies a maximum of seven days to leave Nigeria or forget them, since our coalition, with other groups and comrades throughout the country, will attack them and burn them to ashes,” reads the notice.

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