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I Don’t Like Pastor Fatoyinbo But See Why Busola’s Allegations Are Definitely False – Reno Omokri

Reno Omokri has responded to the stunning assault charge made by the spouse of one of Nigeria’s well-known artists Timi Dakolo, Busola Dakolo.

GISTOK revealed that Busola Dakolo, spouse of Nigerian Singer, Timi Dakolo in a viral video said Pastor Biodun Fatoyinbo, organizer of the Commonwealth of Zion Assembly (COZA), assaulted her when she was 17 years of age in Ilorin.

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5-After he purportedly assaulted you; you stayed silent for enough time for him to go to his vehicle and get a soft drink for you? It doesn’t ADD UP. My hatred for @BiofunFatoyinbo won’t cause me to turn into a SLANDERER as a matter of course. This story rings exceptionally FALSE #ForTheBodyOfChristNotForFatoyinbo

“The ordinary Black African is effectively moved to madness by sensitive feelings. This is the reason it is RIDICULOUSLY simple to control Africans with the media. Satan does his best work with such individuals, who can’t stifle sense in inclination to rationale.

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“Think. Try not to act out. A minister goes to your home promptly in the first part of the day. He doesn’t have the foggiest idea who will open when he thumps, or who is at home. He, and quickly you open he pushed you to a seat and assaulted you in your nightwear. Do individuals think?

“Indeed, even the most USELESS film chief won’t acknowledge such a plot in a B appraised Hollywood/Nollywood/Bollywood motion picture. A motion picture must have PLAUSIBILITY. I don’t care for minister Fatoyinbo. However, I won’t suspend my mind due to my aversion of the individual.

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“After he supposedly assaulted her, she stayed silent for enough time for him to go to his vehicle and get a soft drink for her? It doesn’t ADD UP. My aversion for Biofun Fatoyinbo won’t cause me to turn into a SLANDERER naturally. This story rings exceptionally FALSE.”

“I am a promoter of decent quality. For quite a long time, I freely lecture against pre-marriage and extramarital sex. I pastored an assembly in Abuja for quite a long time. I will NEVER, EVER, bolster RAPE. Be that as it may, Satan is going about like a thundering lion looking for whom to devour!

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“Minister Biodun Fatoyinbo is SLEEK. Unreasonably smooth for my enjoying. What sort of steady man will assault an underaged young lady in HER PARENTS HOUSE? While HER SIBLINGS are AT HOME. And after that leave her to get a beverage from his vehicle. Is this mass HYPNOSIS?

“Do we Black African of the Nigerian assortment think by any stretch of the imagination? Do we exist in the soulish domain? I have a Masters in Law from England. The story CANNOT stand up in court. The story CANNOT stand up in the light of questioning.

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“I give you my assertion that on the off chance that you allowed satan 10 minutes to control the brains of Nigerians, he will get a sizeable number of Nigerians to accept that Jesus is malicious and the Satan is great. We are excessively, sincere, sensitive, and enthusiastic. #ForTheBodyOfChristNotForFatoyinbo.”