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HURIWA attacks Buhari for appointing Muslims ministers of defence, interior

The Association of Human Rights Writers of Nigeria (HURIWA) has criticized the appointment of Muslims as Interior and Defense Ministers by President Muhammadu Buhari.

The group expressed their disgust in a statement Wednesday by the National Coordinator, Comrade Emmanuel Onwubiko, and the Director of National Media Affairs, Zainab Yusuf.

According to HURIWA, development in a heterogeneous society like Nigeria violated section 42 (1) of the constitution, which prohibits discrimination.

Condemning the dominance of juicy offices in northern Nigeria, the statement is read in part; “Sir. Pesident must be a president of Nigeria, not a president of APC and must be a statesman, especially now that he is ruling for the last term. He should leave a legacy of commitment to service and patriotism.

“We are not happy that most cabinet appointments are cornered to the northwest.

“The northwest cornered almost 50% of the juicy ministries and they are all high-ranking ministers and just gave IMO and Abia a minister for the states. It is unfair because the Igbo population in Nigeria is not less than 50 million and, constitutionally, people vote for you or not, you must appoint a minister from each state of the federation.

“Why the president will try to repeat the error of his first term in which he concentrates all his appointments for Muslims where he has the Minister of Defense, all who run departments such as service chiefs, national security advisor, NIA, DSS, Customs, Immigration, Prison, all quite unfortunate Muslims.

“The president should not repeat the mistakes he made again unless he is not prepared to leave his legacy of statesman and patriotism to Nigerians. Unless you’re prepared to remain a regional leader in the north when you leave office. ”