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How Supreme Court ruling will teach politicians bitter lesson – Senior Lawyer

As responses keep on trailing the Supreme Court judgment which sacked all chosen APC applicants in Zamfara state on Friday, Barrister Jibrin Okutepa SAN, has said that Nigerian government officials would take in a harsh exercise from the advancement.

Talking with GISTOK in Abuja on Sunday, the legal counselor clarified that Nigerian government officials need regard for the sentiment of others, a circumstance, he stated, made them turn fair treatment to their favors.

He included that the legal executive would dependably mediate in debates emerging from races, cautioning if such intercession were surrendered, there would be an insurgency in the nation.

“It’s fabulous. It will credit sanities into madnesses of the Nigerian political class who don’t have confidence in the standard of law and fair treatment. Indeed, even the individuals who need to eat their cake and still have it which is unthinkable.

“At the point when the standard of law is sent to the memorial park, at that point rebellion will dominate. “At the point when lawmakers reject equity to win, those of us who are prepared in question goals should dominate.

“The lawful calling is the primary calling with heavenly capability. When you leave legislative issues in the hands of individuals who don’t have regard for other individuals’ sentiments, that is the thing that you will have.

“In this way, I Congratulate the Nigerian legal executive and the Supreme Court.” “I’m certain government officials will gain from the Zamfara case, if at all they will learn because this isn’t the first occasion when that it is going on.”

Okutepa additionally said the constituent umpire was punishable as some discretionary authorities bargain with government officials to propagate lawlessness.

“They should likewise put a keep an eye on INEC appropriately because those of us who are legitimate professionals, you will see a few distinct arrangements of confirmed exact duplicates of similar archives originating from the same foundation.

“In this way, an opportunity has arrived when we should utilize the necessary procedure and dodge the nonsense of what they call fair treatment. Everything is being undermined in this nation.

“We bargain guiltiness, we traded off wrongdoing, etc.”

GISTOK reports that following the Supreme Court judgment, the Independent National Electoral Commission, INEC, on Saturday acted by the summit court’s position.

Every one of the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) applicants who were the principal sprinters up numbering around 37, including the Governor-choose, would be issued with declarations of profit for Monday.