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How Atiku reacted to Supreme Court ruling nullifying APC’s victory

The Peoples Democratic Party, PDP, 2019 presidential hopeful, Atiku Abubakar, has responded to Friday’s Supreme Court administering invalidating the triumph of the All Progressive Congress, APC, in the last broad decisions in Zamfara State.

Abubakar depicted the decision of the zenith court as a triumph for the standard of law. APC on Friday lost its offer to oversee Zamfara State for the following four years as the Supreme Court decided that it didn’t lead substantial primaries for the 2019 general decisions.

Additionally, the summit court approved the judgment of the Court of Appeal, Sokoto Division, which gave the decision that the APC in Zamfara State led no substantial primaries.

Further, the Supreme court, in a consistent judgment by a seven-part board, chose that a gathering that had no legitimate applicant can’t be said to have developed champ of the as of late directed general races. In an intrigue recorded by the APC, the zenith court ruled against the litigant and requested a fine of N10 million against the APC.

Responding to the decision, the PDP presidential hopeful stated, “nothing is as satisfying to the ears of devotees, as equity being served in the heavenly month of Ramadan.”

In an announcement marked by his media counsel, Paul Ibe, the previous Vice President complimented the judges for setting aside the “interests of the incredible and maintaining the interests of Nigeria and Nigerians,” focusing on that for the “country to push ahead, the best thing must and ought to dependably be done consistently.”

“God first, Nigeria second, must be our need as trustees of the general population. At the point when equity wins, the general population celebrates, chains are broken, the opportunity is increased, and society is enhanced,” he noted.