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Hours After Killing Of Winners Chapel’s Pastor, Kidnappers Release Wife

Days after the kidnapping of a couple; Resident pastor of a Living Faith Church in Kaduna state and his wife, Mrs. Oluwakemi Omolewa, the woman was released by the unknown gunmen who kidnapped her.

The couple was kidnapped along the Kaduna-Abuja highway by armed men who ended up killing the Pastor of the Chapel of the Winners, president of the Kaduna state of the Christian Association of Nigeria (CAN), Joseph Hayab confirmed that Oluwakemi recovered his freedom after a ransom was paid.

In a statement issued to journalists by the president of the Kaduna state of the Christian Association of Nigeria (CAN), Joseph Hayab stated the following;

“Unfortunately, when we are alarmed that our people are being kidnapped, someone, instead of apologizing to us and telling us that they have not done well, let’s work together to do it well, will go and sponsor some faceless young people who are unemployed and give them money to insult us, “he said.

“The recent alarm that I woke up about the murder of the late Omolewa and the kidnapping of his wife last Sunday, the next thing I saw (on Facebook), was a writing and a cartoon of myself talking to PDP. And I asked this question; Are those Christians kidnapped, members of the PDP?

“Let’s not politicize the problems that affect people’s lives. I don’t have a PDP card, but even if I do, is it a crime in Nigeria?

“Even the APC in the state of Kaduna, when they wanted to be governor, they wrote me a letter in search of my blessing and they know that we support the governor to be elected during his first term.” Should I be accused of being a member of the PDP just because I told them something is wrong?

“That will not deter the church from telling the truth. If this money that we have been paying the kidnappers were channeled, we would have helped the government solve some of the problems in the education and health sectors by investing in those sectors.

“Unfortunately, today they are allowing evil people to impoverish us. What does the policy tell you that my people are suffering and dying? What is political in telling you that these kidnappers should be arrested?

“They are spending our money on our security, but we are still suffering … Now they are talking about blackmailing us, we will call the church to take measures to stop this evil.” We will not continue to kidnap and kill our people. Our people cannot continue to live in fear, even in their homes.

“Even the United Nations that speaks of peace will not allow evil to go around the world. Therefore, blackmailing us will not prevent us from crying because our people are being kidnapped and suffering and nothing is being done.

“Blackmail and the murder of characters, just to cover up their inability to protect us, will not solve the problem,” he added.