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Guy To Sue Spouse For Spying WhatsApp Messages

A person in Saudi Arabia is thinking about taking his spouse to court docket for spying on his WhatsApp messages for 9 months.

The Saudi GazetteShe reported that the person had found out his spouse, who was once a schoolteacher, logged into his WhatsApp and downloaded all his messages with pictures and movies with out his wisdom.

The person described his spouse’s movements as espionage and web fraud. Alternatively, he selected to settle the topic amicably in spite of the seriousness of the crime.

Alternatively, the girl requested him to divorce her after which requested him to elucidate the quantity of toughen he would give her ahead of receiving the divorce papers.

When contacted through the Saudi Gazette the girl didn’t say anything else at the topic. However she showed that she had requested for a divorce and didn’t need to expose the name of the game in their marriage in public.