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Governors not transparent in managing state’s affairs – Dokpesi

The president of AIT and Ray Power FM, Chief Raymond Dokpesi, accused the state governors of administering the affairs of their states in secret.

Speaking to journalists in Calabar on Wednesday, shortly after the opening ceremony of the 2019 National Broadcasting Summit with the theme: “Broadcasting and democracy emerging security imperatives,” Dokpesi criticized state governors for their lack opening.

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“Many governors believe that the duty to govern is their right. If you are approving a budget, it is only appropriate and appropriate to discuss it in the chamber of the state assembly.”

He said the media should be well involved in government affairs in the states. “The media must be fully involved and well-educated people because that will eliminate the possibility of spreading rumors.

“Eliminates the possibility of misinformation and misinformation that comes later. I also want to implore the governors that there is a need for a social network and new media that are responsible and receptive.

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“They should also allow us to have the ethics of democracy, which should be transparent, budgets should be available as enshrined in the constitution, that the media should hold them accountable and should be able to explain.

“How will you explain that the electoral commission that embarks on elections, that N244 billion is spent and that not even a penny is provided for voter education, to prepare people for elections?

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“If you do not let the public know these facts, any speculation that arises, do not blame the media for looking at themselves.” See the media as your partners and work together with them.

“State information officers were used by colonial masters to promote and propagate policies, and they want to embark, so let’s keep this in mind,” he said.

Chief Dokpesi, however, praised the governor of the State of Cross River, Professor Ben Ayade, in his presentation, but noted: “The state governor made a beneficial presentation as a person in the driver’s seat where he has experimented.

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“The devastating effect of the impact of social networks on the peace and stability of the state through the spread of falsehood, I am glad that I was able to limit it to social networks and not to traditional media.

“However, I think it requires greater openness and transparency in the management of the country’s affairs,” he said.