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Gov Akeredolu allegedly threatens to destroy, level Ondo community [AUDIO]

The governor of the state of Ondo, Oluwarotimi Akeredolu, was captured in an audio recording in which he threatened to destroy the lands of Ikale in the area of ​​the local government of Okitipupa of the state.

GISTOK realized that Akeredolu made the threat in the Abodi Palace of the land of Ikale, Oba George Faduyile, where he struck the monarch for the communal clash in Ago-Alaye between the Ikales and the Araromi-Obu people in the Odigbo local government State area.

In the audio recording obtained by GISTOK , the governor was enraged: “What happened in Ago-Alaye should not be repeated and will not. And if someone tries, I say it now, I will level that place, nothing will happen.

“How? People live with themselves for years and some people will just start burning houses. How can we live like this?

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“Kabiyesi, the Vice Governor has called you to a meeting twice and you refused to introduce yourself. I deployed security personnel in Ago-Alaye and nobody can move until you (Abodi) stop those who perpetrate the atrocities. And if you are not careful, it will be forever. We will do it and nothing will happen. This is the government.

“How? People will just wake up, destroy people’s property and mutilate it, how? How do we do this?

“Even if the entire state of Ondo belongs to you (Abodi) will we persecute why?

“Kabiyesi, I felt reluctantly to come here. Even when I called you on the phone, you said the line was bad. I received information that meetings were called and you did not attend, said the Deputy Governor and others came. You claimed to be watching a traditional festival that prohibits you from leaving. If that is true or not, I do not want to know, because I do not know any festival that does not allow one to leave.

With all due respect, sir, with all due respect, that’s why I had to call his son, Dayo, who is close to me, to call him to order. “Today we are here, the government must be there to protect the lives and property of citizens, no matter where they are.

We (the government) are not afraid. We have said what we wanted to say. On election day, if you (Ikales) wish, do not give us your votes, there is no problem about it. And if we lose the elections, we will return to where we come from. We are not afraid What are we afraid of? Nothing.

“We are here to serve you and when we are done, we will follow our own path. It is not a duty that we like. We have nothing to lose. We are not afraid of anyone. We say things as they are. “Warn your people. Any repetition will be devastating. ”

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General Oluyemi Bajowa (rtd), expressing dismay at the outbreak of the governor, the Jagunmolu of the land of Ikale, described Akeredolu’s attitude in the Abodi Palace as dominant and as an executive mischief.

His words: “I was in the Abodi Palace of Ikale Land when I visited the governor of the state of Ondo. I was surprised and horrified by the public display of the Governor and the pronouncement of power, devoid of decency and protocol, by taking the Iodod Land Abodi and other traditional Ikale rulers to the cleaners. He threatened to instruct security services to level Ago Alaye and other Ikale villages in Araromi-Obu and its surroundings; He also threw caution to the wind, boasting that he doesn’t need Ikale’s votes for his re-election!

In response to the development, the Information Commissioner of the State of Ondo, Donald Ojogo, stated that “it is an unfair statement if someone says that the governor is biased in his handling of the crisis.

“Remember that he visited both areas and asked for calm, even when he deployed armed security in the affected conflict zone. That unique act of rapid response by the governor halted the crisis, especially because it prevented retaliatory attacks from any of the communities. ”

For the past three weeks, Ago-Alaye has been the focal point of clashes between the Araromi-Obu people in the local Odigbo state government area and its neighbor Ikale in the local Okitipupa government over land ownership after a Superior Court of the State of Ondo ruled in favor of the Ikales as the true owners of the disputed land.

Subsequently, the riots led to a 24-hour curfew imposed on the community by Governor Akeredolu on July 17 to prevent the continued breaking of law and order.

The governor also established an investigation panel to investigate the July 16 crisis between the Ikales and the town of Araromi-Obu.