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Fulanization of Nigeria: Bode George hits Sule Lamido, backs Obasanjo

Previous National Vice-Chairman of the Peoples Democratic Party, PDP, Olabode George, has hammered a former Governor of Jigawa State, Sule Lamido, for depicting ex-President Olusegun Obasanjo as a religious and ethnic biased person. Dad George, a previous military legislative leader of Ondo State, addressed columnists at his Ikoyi office in Lagos. He blamed Lamido for affronting Obasanjo, whom, as indicated by him (George) was a concerned patriot.

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Obasanjo had as of late claimed that there was a great plot by individual components to foist a Fulani and Islamic motivation on Nigeria and other West African nations.Be that as it may, in a rapid reaction, Lamido said Obasanjo ought not to permit his dismay with the present organization make him a religious and ethnic biased person. George said Obasanjo has the option to express his perception over the attack and expanded exercises of herders in the South West.

He stated, “Things have never been this awful in this nation and how we are going about it is making an excessive division. What is our concern as Nigerians? “At the point when Obasanjo left office as military head of state in 1979, a ton of Yoruba individuals boycotted him saying he ought to have given over to Pa Awolowo rather than a Fulani man. There was no name that he was not called, yet Obasanjo is a bright individual.

“As of late, he mentioned a remark as an objective fact that things are not going right in this nation. The attack of herders is exasperating. “He is likewise a rancher, and a lot of ranchers are griping sharply that their homesteads are being attacked. My companion, the previous legislative leader of Jigawa, Sule Lamido charged Obasanjo who has dependably been a patriot of being a biased person. “What Lamido said was total hogwash and an insult. Does he know what Obasanjo endured? Is it safe to say that it was not a similar man who made Lamido whom he is by allowing him the chance to turn into a pastor?

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“Be that as it may, he is presently going round to consider him a biased person. For what reason did Lamido not discover from Obasanjo why he owned that expression? “Wole Soyinka mentioned a similar objective fact that Obasanjo made and you realize that the two men are not typically in agreement. “Perhaps we should switch jobs and get some Agbekoya ranchers from the South West to go to Lamido’s town and begin assaulting farmlands, and after that, we would realize what he would state.

“What is correct is correct, and what’s going on isn’t right. I welcome Lamido to go toward the South West, and I will take him around the towns so he can perceive what these ranchers who are losing their employment are feeling. “Our kin are grumbling about the abrupt invasion and expanded exercises of herders in the South West; for what reason can’t Lamido see through that crystal? “We should be cautious about a portion of the rash remarks that we make. Does it mean if tomorrow an Igbo man turns into the President, Igbo merchants will presently divert cutlasses and pursue everybody from their towns? “Buhari should utilize his situation as the President of the Fulani herders in West Africa to quiet these individuals down. It is a test to him.”