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El-Zakzaky’s brother makes shocking revelation about IMN, calls detained Shi’ites leader terrorist

Sheikh Muhammad Yakubu, brother of Sheikh Ibraheem Yakubu El-Zakzaky, the leader of the Islamic Movement in Nigeria (IMN), also known as Shiites, has reacted to the recent ban on the IMN.

According to him, the ban of the Federal Government had been delayed a lot.

El-Zakzaky’s elder brother, who is also president of the Zaria branch of Izalatul Bid’ in was Ikamatus sunna, said the Federal Government should not stop banning IMN but go further to dissolve the Shiite sect in its entirety.

Speaking to The Nation newspaper, Shiekh Yakubu said there was no difference between his younger brother’s IMN, the Shiite sect and the dreaded terrorist group Boko Haram.

He added that both the leader of the deadly sect Boko Haram, Abubakar Shekau, and his younger brother, El-Zakzaky, were terrorists.

He said that the federal government took the decision to outlaw the IMN was not only correct but that it was overdue because the government can be overthrown through the group’s violent protests.

Sheikh Yakoob said the leader of the IMN is responsible for any calamities that had happened to him and said he was warned when he began to spread “his dangerous Shiite doctrine.”

He said: “As you may know, El-Zakzaky is my blood brother. The same father gave us birth. While growing up, before this trip to Shiism began, he had no close friends apart from him. We did it all together. We study together in an Islamic school.

“We seriously warned him to give up when this Shiite ideology began. I warned him several times, and when he refused, I had to abandon him. So, whatever the authorities have done to him, he caused it himself.”

Sheikh Yakoob added: “There is nothing good about Shiism. These people are supposed to have been banned long ago, but the government waited until they are now wreaking havoc.

“Around the world, where has the Chief of the Army General Staff been blocked along the way and denied the right of way? From the moment the Shiites did that to the Chief of Staff of the Nigerian Army, they were supposed to have been arrested. But now, the authorities seem to have understood their mission.

“Wherever the Shiites are, they are always a problem. They are the ones that ruined Iraq. They are the ones that ruined Syria, Yemen and Lebanon. All the crises you see in the Middle East, the Shiites are responsible for them.

“You see, with your protests, you can take over the government. The enemies of the country and the enemies of the government in office can take advantage of the Shiite protest and overthrow the government.

“I think the government now understands this secret. What the government has done is very correct. “

In Tuesday’s statement by another Shiite group that IMN members are false Shiites, El-Zakzaky’s brother described the statement as hypocritical. According to him, all Shia groups have the same doctrine and ideology.

“They are liars. All Shiites are one, “he said. “What they are doing is hypocrisy. Everyone has the same doctrine and ideology. They are only in the Shiite leadership struggle with Zakzaky. That is why they publicly denounce it.

“Therefore, not only the Zakzaky group should be banned. The government should ban the entire Shiite sect. This is because both Boko Haram and the Shiites share the same ideology.

“They can continue to fool other people because they are not armed, but we know they carry weapons. Didn’t you see them shown with their arms?

“They lied that it was not they who killed the police officer in Abuja. The Deputy Police Commissioner who was killed in Abuja was not the first police officer killed by the Shiites. “

When asked about the court order that said his brother should be released and that a house would be built for him anywhere in northern Nigeria, Sheikh Yakubu said the government should only obey that order if it is also ready to build A house for the leader of the feared. Boko Haram Group, Abubakar Shekau.

He said: “No one should blame the government for retaining it despite the Abuja court order. Some would say, ehn, that the court ordered that Zakzaky be released and that a house be built for him. If they want the government to build a house for Zakzaky, then the government must also build a house for Shekau.

“Do Nigerians agree that the government should build a house for Shekau? If not, then the government should not build a house for Zakzaky, because they are the same. They are all terrorists. “

He pointed out that since the departure of El-Zakzaky, Zaria, which was his base, has been very peaceful since security agents have been able to tame his “violent activities.”