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EFCC claims Ambode’s thugs attacked its men, speaks on ‘planting foreign currency’

The Economic and Financial Crimes Commission (EFCC) has guaranteed its agents were assaulted by hooligans faithful to previous Lagos State Governor, Akinwunmi Ambode, on Tuesday.

The EFCC had gone to execute a court order on Ambode’s home in the place where he grew up, Epe.

Wilson Uwujaren, the office’s Head of Media and Publicity, said in an announcement on Tuesday evening that the commission “had acquired a legitimate warrant to direct look on Ambode’s living arrangements in Park View, Ikoyi and nation home in Epe, as a component of continuous examination of supposed wrongdoing.”

As per him, the agents were assaulted and kept from executing the court order in Epe, by “perturbed young people” who harmed three officials and harmed the EFCC official vehicle.

“The assault was unwarranted as the commission’s agents were city and did not attack anyone.”

A portion of the previous representative’s followers blamed the EFCC agents for endeavoring to plant outside monetary forms at his Epe home to implicate him.

An announcement marked by three legal advisors said the counter join agents had endeavored to look through Mr. Ambode’s Epe home without supervision.

“We opposed as youthful attorneys and expressed explicitly that the guideline of the hunt is that the proprietor of the premises or his delegates must be available to watch the pursuit,” read the announcement mutually issued Fatai Adebanjo, Busari Olanrewaju, and Samson Okuneye.

“They capitulated to our predominant contention and permitted the individuals who have the way to the ex-senator’s home into the loft with them and us. Before they entered, we looked through every one of the authorities of the EFCC who expected to go in to impact the hunt.

“There was a blue pack which they were holding with them, and we mentioned to see the substance of the sack before they could take it in. They blew up and said we couldn’t see the content. We firmly opposed them to take it in since they cannot enable us to view it, which they later concurred.

“We later became more acquainted with that the sack contained remote cash which they brought to plant in the place of the ex-senator to implicate him.

“It is imperative to illuminate the open that before the went into the house, we as a whole presented our telephones to them as they mentioned that the main individual required to go in with telephone is one of them who will record the entire procedure.”

The announcement said no implicating material was found in Mr. Ambode’s home.

The EFCC said claims that its agents endeavored to implicate Mr. Ambode were false.

“The commission like this glares at the endeavor to control the video of the pursuit to make an inappropriate impression that officials of the office attacked occupants at the Epe home of the representative.