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Doctors leaving Kaduna in droves – NMA laments

The Nigerian Medical Association, NMA, a chapter of the state of Kaduna, warned that the departure of doctors and other medical personnel going to other states and countries for greener pastures could seriously affect the provision of medical care in the state, if not It is verified immediately.

The association noted that about 60 percent of doctors serving in the state have gone to other states or other countries in search of greener pastures.

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When addressing the journalist about the activities of the Annual General Meeting of this year’s association, its state president, Dr. Stephen Akau Kache, said:

“This has been found as a direct consequence of poor remuneration, other factors include poor conditions of work, having to work additional hours due to low workforce and, in some cases, lack of professional progress. ”

He added: “On a general note, however, in all state health institutions, the situation is similar to the national image, so there is an exodus of doctors to other countries for a variety of reasons with a shortage resulting in the number of doctors available to treat patients in the country. ”

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With the problems listed above, Dr. Kache explained that it becomes the most significant challenge that affects the ability of the remaining health staff to achieve the desired health outcomes due to the internal and external brain drain that has become the order of the day in the state.

He said that in the state of Kaduna, it had become the order of the day that medical personnel employed in the country experienced that very few employees went to their appointments, while others did not come ultimately to accept their job offer.

He explained: “Most of the newly employed medical staff prefer to go to other northern states to seek employment where the conditions of service are much better than those offered by the state of Kaduna.

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“Therefore, it affects the quality of health care providers offered in the state, since most employees have to go through some experience before they can provide qualitative service.

“With better conditions of service, it will be helpful to solve so many problems that medical care is going through in the state, along with some achievements made by the administration run by El-Rufai. Without a doubt, this will do much to make a dream come true. Of the state”.