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Desist From Covering Cars Plates Number, Police Tell Politicians

Politicians, government officials, business magnates, and others have been severely warned and warned by the Anambra State Police Commissioner to desist from covering the number of license plates of their vehicles or being arrested and prosecuted.

In a statement issued by the command on Saturday and delivered to journalists through state police spokesman Haruna Mohammed, the army declared that such an act was not only illegal but also constituted security threats to the public.

Also, the command said that those who were doing something like that used it to perpetuate various forms of crimes in the State.

According to the statement, “The information available to the Anambra State Police Command revealed that unauthorized persons in the State are using unmarked vehicles or with license plate numbers covered to commit crimes in the State to avoid being detected. by law enforcement agencies.”

“Such acts are not only illegal but also constitute serious security threats to the public that, if left unchecked, could jeopardize police efforts to promote security in the State that law enforcement agencies they are continually working to maintain. ”

“Given the above, CP Commissioner John B, Abang, has immediately ordered the arrest and prosecution of people using unmarked vehicle license plate numbers and masked without authorization.

“Consequently, the CP also warns that any security personnel who are escorting their director with an unmarked vehicle or those with covered vehicle license plates will be arrested and treated accordingly,” the command said.F