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Couple welcomes quadruplets after 15 years of childlessness in Jos

After 15 years as a couple without a child, a retired scientist from the Federal Medical Laboratory, Mr. Luka Bot Balewa and his wife, Mrs. Nyarum, now have a reason to smile.

The couple married on December 4, 2004, Mr. and Mrs. Balewa never knew they would become parents until last Tuesday when they had their first children, a set of quadruplets.

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Narum gave birth to a boy and three girls through a C-section at the Bingham University Teaching Hospital, Jos. This was after a constant mockery and pain for the lack of children since marriage.

“I felt the pain of the lack of children every month,” he said in an interview. “Every month, I expected a new story,” he told his terrible experience to GISTOK Jos, the capital of the state of Plateau.

According to her, the lack of children is the worst form of torture a woman could have. “It’s about you socially, mentally, and spiritually.”

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However, he kept his hopes high, resisting negative criticism and advice until nine months ago when he tested positive for pregnancy.

“I didn’t even believe it, but when I went to scan six months later, and they told me they were quadruplets, I was dumbfounded,” she said.

Her husband, Mr. Balewa, not only shared the disbelief but kept it to himself until the children were born.

“I hate disappointments, so I told God that if this blessing wasn’t mine in the first place, don’t raise my hopes and then take it away from me,” he said.

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During his period of lack of children, Balewa also faced stigma and negative criticism but stood firm in the prayers. “I got married late, and people said I was initially helpless because of that,” he said.

After a series of medical examinations, the retired staff of Abubakar Tafawa Balewa University, Bauchi was sure that it was God’s decision not to give him children.

“Nothing bad was found with my wife or me, so we continue to pray and trust in God,” Mr. Balewa said.

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However, Balewa, now a pastor, had little confidence to preach about the supreme power of God because of his inability to father a child. “I asked God several times; How do I preach that all things are possible with you without having a child?

The arrival of children is, therefore, a “surprising test of the supreme power of God,” said Bot. The couple is expected to be discharged on Monday after the children’s third routine exam.