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Council of Imams attacks CAN Chairman

Kaduna State Council of Imams and Ulama, on Saturday, responded to ongoing remarks by the state Chairman of CAN, Rev. Joseph Hayab on the security challenges in the State.

The Council’s Secretary-General, Malam Yusuf Arrigasiyyu, said at a question and answer session in Kaduna that Hayab’s remarks were appalling and an endeavor to politicize the issues to accomplish a shrouded motivation.

The state Chairman of the Christian Association of Nigeria (CAN) had on Aug. 9, in a press proclamation asserted that more than 500 Christians were abducted over the most recent two years in the State and N300 million paid in payoff to Fulani ruffians.

He was additionally answered to have asserted that there is a fantastic structure to annihilate Christians and ministers in Kaduna State.

Responding, the chamber said “The politicization of the security challenge in Kaduna State by the CAN executive, for just God-knows why, is troubling and he ought to be called to arrange before it’s past the point of no return.

“Inability to do this, the outcomes of his unbridled verbiage will no uncertainty lead to the breakdown of lawfulness in the state, if pressing advances are not taken.”

The committee said it would not sit by and watch the troublesome talk of the Chairman jeopardize lives of honest residents and pitch the individuals against each other.

The Imams blamed Hayab, who is a lawmaker, of stowing away under CAN to execute a shrouded motivation.

“As adherents of the religion of harmony, the Council of Ulama thinks that it’s relevant to sound this alert to thwart breakdown of peace,” it said.

It noticed that Hayab’s announcement “is as disruptive as it is false, particularly the case that ruffians just snatch Christians in Kaduna State.”

The priests noticed that hijacking has turned into an across the national security challenge and the offenders just as their exploited people cut crosswise over ethnoreligious partitions.

“For example, along Birnin Gwari-Kaduna Road alone, between Jun. 22 and Jul. 30 2019, more than 55 people have been grabbed, and more than 20 people were slaughtered, including five Nigerian Air Force and Army faculty, as per news reports.

“In particular, a more significant part of the natives slaughtered and abducted along Birnin Gwari, Giwa, Igabi, and Abuja-Kaduna streets and the border towns with Niger, Katsina, and the Zamfara States have been Muslims.

“In any case, we never saw the unexpected circumstance from a religious point.

“Truth be told, we have consistently censured the demonstration of guiltiness and have approached the State and Federal Governments to secure the lives and property everything being equal, independent of where they are or how they adore.”

It included that the endeavor by the CAN administrator to suggest “paranoid notion is as of now rearing pressure in the State.

“We additionally have it on the great specialist that Hayab’s disruptive crusade is a ploy to make way for a slaughter that is being incubated by the CAN Chairman.

“On this note, we need to draw the consideration of all admirers of harmony, security organizations, Federal and State Governments, not to look far in case of a breakdown of lawfulness in Kaduna State.

“We are likewise speaking to individuals of altruism and heart, to put these disruptive components to disgrace, by disregarding their drumbeat of war.

“Truth be told, they are ethnoreligious warlords masking as peacemakers.”

It guaranteed that the board and other Muslim bodies would cooperate with authentic Christian devoted to controlling the exercises of abhorring mongers and purveyors of misrepresentations, for the sake of evangelism.