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Buhari: The Absentee President By Bayo Oluwasanmi

Buhari needs vision. A terrible communicator, he has never conveyed his methodology viably on how he’ll handle Nigeria’s issues. Of every single Nigerian President, President Muhammadu Buhari needs relevant experience and subject ability for the activity of the president.

Sadly, Buhari has neglected to compensate for his authentic absence of capabilities. He has intensified the issue with his chronicled lethargy.

Buhari is a non-attendant president who relishes abroad trips as opposed to discovering answers for devastating financial and political issues confronting Nigeria. Nigerians don’t know precisely what Buhari is doing or would do as president. His arrangements, strategies, and projects stay dim and fluffy in a nation whose future is as dubious and sad as its 200 million Akindanidani natives.

Amidst 500 billion Naira stolen by Godwin Emefiele, CBN Governor and his three top staff, and with unlimited killings by both Buhari’s Fulani family herders psychological militants and Boko Haram fear based oppressors, Buhari streams out Nigeria to go to Umar Hajj (lesser hajj) in Mecca.

Here’s a synopsis of the nations Buhari has visited as president from 2015 to 2018.

2015: Niger June 3 (Anti-Boko Haram Summit), Chad June 4 (State Visit), Germany 7-8 June (42nd G7 Summit), South Africa 12-13 June (25thAfrican Union Summit), US 19-23 July (State Visit), Cameroon 29-30 July (State Visit), Benin 2-3 August (Independence Celebrations), Ghana September 7 (State Visit), France 14-16 September (State Visit), US 24-29 September (70th Session of the UN General Assembly), India 26-30 October (Third India Africa Forum Summit), Sudan October 30 (State Visit), Iran 22-24 November (third Gas sending out Countries Forum), Malta 28-30 November (2015 Commonwealth Heads of Government Summit), France November 30 – December 1 (Paris Conference of Parties 21), South Africa 4-5 December (China Africa Summit).

2016: Benin January 8 (eleventh Summit of the Heads of State of Niger bowl Authority), United Arab Emirates 17-29 January (World Future Energy Summit), Ethiopia January 26 (26th Summit of African Union Heads of State and Government), Kenya 27-29 January (State Visit), France 2-4 February (Official Visit). UK 5-10 February (Vacation), Egypt February 18 (Sharm el-Sheik “Africa 2016”) Saudi Arabia 22-27 February (OPEC Meeting), Equatorial Guinea March 14 (State Visit), US March 30 – April 3 (fourth Nuclear Security Summit), China 11-14 April (State Visit), UK May 13 – May 15 (Anti-Corruption Summit), UK 6-9 June (Medical Visit), Chad August 8 (Inauguration of Idris Deby), Kenya 27-28 August (Tokyo Conference on Africa), US 11-15 September (71st Session of the UN General Assembly), Germany 13-16 October (State Visit), Morocco 14-18 November (UN Climate Change Conference), Senegal 5-7 December (Third Dakar International on Peace and Security in Africa), Gambia December 13 (ECOWAS Summit).

2017: Ghana January 7 (Inauguration of Nana Akufo-Addo). Gambia January 13 (27th Africa France Summit).

2018: UK 16-20 April (Commonwealth Heads of Government Meeting). US April 30 (Working Visit). Poland 2-3 December (Working Visit).

If presidential achievement is dictated by winning re-appointment, Buhari is ineffective because he neglected to persuade Nigerians to give him an additional four years in office which was the reason the race was enormously fixed to support him. Buhari came into office promising change. He didn’t advocate radical change or declare clearing local changes.

Buhari needs vision. A terrible communicator, he has never imparted his methodology viably on how he’ll handle Nigeria’s issues. As the country spirals into financial dejection and political agitation, Buhari stays unemotional, standoffish, inaccessible, uncaring, lost without a trace, and dependably renounces his obligations by voyaging abroad.

Buhari has gruffly wouldn’t approve enormous scale help programs that may have mitigated torment and yearning. He’s reluctant to utilize colossal government spending to kick off the economy. Buhari never got a handle on the grave risk the financial emergency speaks to the country. These slips were additionally convoluted by his clumsy political moving and continuous abroad excursions.

His faulty political judgment and authority are in substantial uncertainty. He shows minimal political insight on issues. What rises then for Buhari is a cursing decision of a non-attendant president – physically and rationally.