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Buhari, other Nigerian leaders suffering from narcissistic disorder by Ehi Ekhator

Yesterday, while I was strolling in the road of London, the prospect of Nigeria dilemma and how we continue stepping forward and five stages in reverse kept slithering on me. I haven’t had the option to process why a nation brimming with intelligent and influential Nigerians can’t tackle an underlying issue, that is, to improve the lives of her kin in spite of the regular enrichment God has talented us.

Since 1999, the Nigerian administration characteristics fell definitely, the way of life of regard and respectability vanished from us. I review as a tyke, the main thing I ate without authorization from my granddad was a chicken thigh. The old fighter returned home and found the fat leg was hard. Realizing who could have done such a pleasant change, the man snatched me by the arm while he requested my auntie to pound the African pepper.

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He poured the pepper on my head and left me in the sun, at that point welcomed every one of the youngsters in the city to play a band made out of plastic elastic sack while I move like a disguise with a torn gasp. After that unique treatment, at whatever point I see somebody has a place, I recall my granddad face pouring the hot ground flavor on my head.

That was the Nigeria I grew up; guardians were social and trained. Taking was accepted to be a stain to the family’s name and your folks would prefer to skin you alive than to give you a chance to pull off it. In present Nigeria, things have changed. Taking is the expert vocation of guardians, some utilization their kid’s financial balances to shroud the redirected open assets.

I continued reasoning, possibly, who knows, Nigeria will be extraordinary once more, who knows, at some point, the Land of the incredible will be honored with King Joseph and not the numerous Pharaohs we have now. Abruptly, it jumped out at me that Nigerian heads are experiencing a narcissistic issue.

For what reason haven’t I thought about this every one of these years? The signs are there; it is clear, and for what reason wouldn’t I be able to understand that the confusion is presently passed from dads to kids?.

We should investigate a few indications of the confusion as per Help Guide.

“Narcissistic identity issue (NPD) includes an example of egotistical, pompous reasoning and conduct, an absence of sympathy and thought for other individuals and a high requirement for profound respect. Others regularly portray individuals with NPD as presumptuous, manipulative, narrow-minded, disparaging, and requesting. Along these lines of reasoning and carrying on surfaces in each zone of the narcissist’s life: from work and companionships to family and love connections.”

Let me know, does that sound natural? Individuals with this sort of turmoil oppose any progress in their practices, notwithstanding when it’s causing the issues. The thought process is to turn the fault on others. They are typically touchy and respond absurdly to the smallest analysis, differences, saw insults, which they interpret as close to home assaults. To live gently with a narcissist, you oblige whatever request they make to stay away from crime, frigidity, and wraths.

Once more, does this sound natural? How about we currently list the signs, maybe, this will make it considerably more clear for you.

Affected feeling of grandiosity:

Nigerians, principally the pioneers feed their inferiorities with vainglorious. They show Hollier than thou with a hoity-toity mindset. They do everything to exhibit; they are dynamically pervasive, “unique or outstanding” than you. They trust no one comprehends them other than uncommon people, for example, themselves. They need to relate and be related to other high-status individuals, spots, and things. Do you have a companion or a government official like this?

Lives in a dreamland that bolsters their fancies of magnificence:

Since reality hit them in the face, they build up a dream that makes them live in a world past, a world propped up by mutilation, hallucination, self-double dealing. “They turn self-extolling dreams of boundless achievement, control, splendor, allure, and perfect love that make them feel unique and in charge.” Who do you think has this quality among your Senators, President, Governors even the Instagramers?

Needs steady recognition and appreciation

Narcissists feed on steady acclaims and admirations, and when they don’t get it, they whip, anger and willing to hurt anybody in their ways. The dream of prevalence blows in their appearances if they don’t get the consistent praise to keep the inflatable swelled. Narcissists need steady sustenance for their feeling of self, so they encompass themselves with people who are glad to consider their obsessive aching for authentication. These connections are incredibly uneven. It’s about what the admirer can accomplish for the narcissist, never the different way, what’s more if there is ever an interruption or diminishment in the admirer’s thought and acknowledgment, the narcissist sees it as a betrayal. Once more, does this sound like Nigerian pioneers? That is to say, directly from the Nigeria President to the neighborhood government Chairman?

Feeling of privilege

I understood that every single Nigerian pioneer has this feeling of privilege. They accept because they are uncommon, they ought to get whatever they need. The general population around them are relied upon to give it. Generally, such an individual is viewed as immaterial. On the off chance that you dare request anything consequently, you are probably going to meet fury, outrage, brush off and a feeling of double-crosser from those previously deceiving you. Do you realize any pioneer this way?

Endeavors others without blame or disgrace

Narcissists need sympathy. That is their most prominent weapon. They misuse others without disgrace. They trust they are qualified for everything, and you are not able to get anything. Like in Nigeria, the administration occupies the assets implied for the overall population while they care not if the general population it’s intended for are enduring. Keep in mind the Minister of Information Lai Mohammed who said President Muhammadu Buhari merits the best since he traveled to the United Kingdom for medicinal the travel industry while Nigerians face the spoiled restorative framework? Narcissists don’t think how their practices influence others, and if you call attention to out, you likely open yourself to their assaults. The arrangement is that you need to stay silent and dare not grumble. Remember they have admirers who are observing each progression you make and each gathering you have a place with.

As often as possible, disparages, threatens, menaces, or puts down others:

As a result of their dreamland, they do everything to keep it at a dimension where you will never have the option to hold up. They always diminish you, scare, belittle, and menace you to keep you readily available. E.g., A couple of days back, an understudy of Akwa Ibom State University (AKSU), Ikot Akpaden, Joy Nkanang was suspended inconclusively for calling the Vice Chancellor Eno Ibanga “absurd” on Facebook.

Ms. Nkanang just communicated her outrage regarding the expanded risk to properties and lives in the University grounds since the school specialist won’t permit a challenge not to uncover the decay in the school. Keep in mind; you should stay silent when a narcissist empties the blood from your vain. With the present circumstance in Nigeria, there are columnists in jail, instructors terminated, structures bulldozered by little narcissists for testing the experts of their supervisor.

Somebody with this issue dependably considers what to get from the general population and not what to give. They more often than not have nothing to offer, and they won’t let you express it to their face. When you at long last get the bull to stand up, you get scared, harassed, disparaged and deprecated. Is there a pioneer of such in your state?

After I thought of these signs, I understood that Nigeria might never achieve its real possibilities. The same number of Nigerians are presently pushed to kowtow the framework set by the narcissist’s chiefs. The child of the President was as of late evaluated as one of the most extravagant adolescents, although he can’t unveil where he got his month to month compensation.

The Nigeria of today is self-exacted by the narcissist heads who have exchanged the blood to their posterity. Numerous Nigerians currently experience the ill effects of Stockholm disorder (sentiments of trust or warmth felt much of the time of seizing or prisoner taking by an injured individual towards a captor).

Is there an answer to this issue in a nation where the hijackers are more than the people in question? How would you prevent an out of control fire from spreading in the late spring with limited water supply? On the off chance that you ask me, an who I inquire?

It’s presently evident that President Muhammadu Buhari, oneself acclaimed vainglorious and his partner, Chief Olusegun Obasanjo who trusted that he is the best thing that at any point happened to Nigerians, the state governors, current and past, previous and current priests, legislators, Nigerian ministers, Yahoo young men whose initially thought is to purchase costly vehicles and go through thousands at a dance club at whatever point they profit, or deceiving their unfortunate casualties to surrender their riches without considering how they feel later, nearby government executives, and those continually offending you at WhatsApp bunches whose genuine aim is to be seen by political pioneers instead of the goals of the gatherings, are on the whole experiencing narcissists issue.

Name one individual you realize that is experiencing this issue. How about we begin from your state government officials to the executive power.