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Boko Haram: Terrorists attack Mammanti community, 3 Soldiers reportedly killed

Residents of Mammanti, a community around the pole in Maiduguri, Borno state in northeastern Nigeria, said three soldiers were killed in a shooting with members of the Islamic State of the West African Province, ISWAP, who raided the community and they attacked a military place around midnight. Nigerian time.

A local guard in the area, who identified himself as Usman Abubakar, said the GISTOK on Thursday morning that three soldiers were killed.

“Boko Haram sacked the military base until fighter aeroplane came and cleared them. We saw the military evacuating their people both killed and wounded early this morning,” he said.

According to him, since an insurgent’s attack last year in the area, many residents have moved, leaving some struggling to keep body and soul together.

“The attack on the military base last night has not only steered fear among the people of Mammanti community but people around polo area as many of them fled the area last night to sleep in safer places in town,” he added

GISTOK reports that fear has taken hold of many Maiduguri residents due to daily events in the city, while Boko Haram fighters continue to press military bases.

Rubio’s military base was attacked on the eve of Sallah with casualties reported on the military who were forced to leave their support and move to Maiduguri. The latest attack on the soldiers in Mammanti, according to Maiduguri residents, questions the ability of the military to face the situation.

“We know that our soldiers are the best, at least because of their successes in many peacekeeping operations in Africa.” Our soldiers have demonstrated perfection in military operations, but with Boko Haram, now in its tenth year, all we see is blood and no result of the continuing claim to degrade the Boko Haram element. This is sad,” said Mohammed Bulama, one of the people interviewed by GISTOK.

The attempt to get the Nigerian army of the seventh division, Colonel Ado Isa, to talk about the attack, as well as the number of victims in Mammanti, failed as the calls made to his mobile phone remained unanswered. Also, the text message that was sent to him was not answered. Similarly, the Nigerian army has not yet started the latest attack.