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Boko Haram: I’ve done well in fight against – Buhari boasts

President Muhammadu Buhari insisted on Friday that the Nigerian army, in collaboration with the armed forces of neighboring countries, has made tremendous progress in the war against the insurgency since the beginning of his administration.

He said this while recounting how the Boko Haram insurgents held Nigeria hostage before assuming power.

Speaking at the graduation ceremony of Course 27 at the National Defense College in Abuja, Buhari said his administration had made an effort to rid the nation of terrorism, insurgency and the associated humanitarian and national security challenges.

A statement signed by his media assistant, Garba Shehu, and sent to GISTOK, quoted Buhari as saying: “This occasion gives me another opportunity to briefly reflect on the state of the Nigerian nation, particularly in relation to national security. At the beginning of our first tenure in 2015, Nigeria was at a critical crossroads.

“The Boko Haram group was at the height of its infamy and practically held Nigeria hostage. It was a clear and present danger to our corporate existence as a nation.

“After four years of hard work, I can report on the progress we have made in addressing security challenges, with the combined efforts of our regional coalition partners, the Nigerian Armed Forces and other security agencies, various government agencies , national and international development partners, as well as local traditional leaders.

“We have spared no effort to rid the nation of terrorism and insurgency and the associated humanitarian and national security challenges.

I particularly thank the Armed Forces and other security agencies for their patriotic efforts. I also thank all our development partners and foreign governments for their invaluable contributions. ”

The President also reiterated his administration’s determination to promote national security and development: Buhari, however, acknowledged that there were prevailing security issues that the administration was struggling with.

“We remain committed to promoting a vision of a safe, secure, just, peaceful, prosperous and strong nation. In fact, we will use all the elements of our national and human resources to guarantee security, a just society, peaceful coexistence, national unity, prosperity and sustainable development, while promoting our good reputation abroad.

“Despite the commendable progress, the Nigerian state is still beset by some existential and fundamental challenges. The Boko Haram, for example, after losing their insurgency campaign, now became factions and mutated into a new form of terrorist threat.

“Armed banditry and vandalism, kidnappings, conflicts between pastors and farmers, cultism and political violence have become the new threats. Other problems, such as the proliferation of small arms and light weapons, drug trafficking, drug and substance abuse and community conflicts, add to the combination of security.

“In addition, the state of education, the rise of young people, unemployment, socio-political and ethno-religious divisions, false news and hate speech help accelerate and aggravate security challenges,” he said.

Buhari also praised the graduates for the hard work they have done to be worthy of the certificates they have been awarded.

“I congratulate the graduates of the National Defense College Course 27 and their spouses for their hard work, endurance and deserved success.

“You have passed through the crucible, you have endured short nights and long arduous days, you have passed the fire test and today is surely your glory day. Let me congratulate especially the graduates of friendly nations for consolidating bilateral relations between our nations.

Their participation in the course is another testimony of our aspirations of national security policy to promote international peace, friendship and cooperation, “he said.

The president ordered them to see their graduation as a call to duty in the service of their countries, and emphasized that their nations required newly acquired knowledge for development plans.

He also commended the leadership of the National Defense College for keeping the flag flying after 27 years, training senior officers of the Nigerian Armed Forces and strategic ministries, departments and agencies, as well as military officers from friendly nations.

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