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Bishop Oyedepo reveals the secret of his wealth.

Religious administrator David Oyedepo, the organizer of Living Faith Church, has uncovered the key to his riches. Oyedepo revealed that God vowed to make him productive since he showed a vehicle for the proliferation of the gospel numerous years back.

Tending to his individuals at Cannaland, the central congregation command is in Ota, Ogun State capital, the pastor said his congregation presently purchases transports “like portions of bread” as a result of the vehicle he provided for God numerous years prior.

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He likewise charged his individuals not to rely upon their endorsements or to call but instead on God who can give every one of their needs. As per Oyedepo: “I gave my vehicle to God not to be rich but rather to spread the gospel, and God pledged to make me productive.

“Presently in one day we purchased 87 means of transport immediately, one more day we purchased 100 carriers on the double, we currently buy transports like portions of bread. A large number of you will before long be building houses like portions of bread. “There is an excessive number of ordinary citizens on the planet; you have to left them and be recognized by his driving.”