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Biafrans Sit-At-Home Today To Honour Fallen Heroes

The members of the Biafra Indigenous Peoples (IPOB) and other pro-Biafra activists will meet today, May 30, 2019, to honor their fallen heroes.

GISTOK  previously reported that IPOB declared May 30 as a day to sit at home throughout the southeast, known as “Biafraland” by activists in favor of Biafra and Nigeria in memory of their fallen heroes and heroines.  Before sitting at home today, Nnamdi Kanu went to Biafrans, where he reminded them that today is a “day to think and reason seriously.”

The IPOB leader said: “Today is a day, it is a serious thought and reasoning on the part of our people and the day when all Biafraland is closed, no markets are opened, no schools, no offices are opened, no banks, nothing. ”

“Everywhere he is completely stopped and closed,” Kanu said in his broadcast at 6 am which was monitored by Naija News.

Listen to the full transmission: HERE.

Meanwhile, this online news platform remembers that three years ago there were several deaths during the “Biafra Memory Day” that took place on May 30, 2016, after a confrontation between security agents and members of the IPOB.

As a result of this attack, at least 150 pro-Biafra peaceful demonstrators in the southeast of the country died. They were killed by the Nigerian security forces, led by the military in Onitsha, Anambra State, southeastern Nigeria.

During that attack, several Biafra activists and supporters suffered injuries, and dozens were arrested in less than 48 hours to commemorate Biafra’s Day of Remembrance, a situation that an activist, Patrick Korie, condemned in firm terms.