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Bayelsa communities under epidemics threat for feasting on Whale – Okponipere

Lawyer resident in Bayelsa, Barr. Timila Jenkins Okponipere has set the alarm for the impending outbreak of
cholera and other waterborne diseases in some Bayelsa communities.

Okponipere announced its position after the contamination of the entire Brass coast and the surrounding environment with the blood of a decomposing whale that has crawled to the beach.

GISTOK recalls that last weekend, a 30-foot whale washed ashore off the water of the Ijaw Kiri community in the local Brass government area.

It was said that the neighboring communities of Odioma and Okpoama also rushed to the shore to participate in the whale carnage party, which took about three days.

The lawyer, who frowned at the feast of dead aquatic animals by the natives of those communities without first establishing knowledge of what killed him, urged the government to cordon off the area and immediately begin the process of evacuating the remains of the dead marine mammal.

According to him, “About three days ago, a gigantic marine mammal was found stranded on land in one of the fishing settlements on the coast of Brass in LGA Brass of the state of Bayelsa. It is widely believed that the marine mammal is one of the species rare whales that are gradually extinguishing.

““In civilized societies, concerned citizens would help the defenseless whale to return to its natural habitat, but the inhabitants that live in and around the fishing settlement where the whale found itself in error; He could not believe his fate: like vultures and hyenas, they descended on the unfortunate mammal with all kinds of cutting implements to harvest kilos and kilos of meat. “

The lawyer also said: “Isn’t it more shameful, disgusting, and despicable that the state government has failed, rejected and neglected to state the unfortunate incident?”

It also calls for post-mortem activities to be carried out by the appropriate Health Institution, to determine whether or not challenges related to the health of the incident may arise.