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Ayiri Emami attacks Edwin Clark over Edo Assembly crisis

Chief Ayiri Emami, head of the All Progressive Congress (APC), has criticized Chief Edwin Clark for his comment on the crisis of the Edo State Assembly Chamber.

According to him, Clark’s argument that the National Assembly had no right to take over the Assembly was wrong.

Emami said he was disappointed that the old statesman “launched a shop” with Governor Godwin Obaseki on top of the current confrontation with his predecessor, Adams Oshiomhole.

Speaking to reporters after a meeting with President Buhari yesterday, the APC chief said Clark was expected to advise the governor to reconcile with Oshiomhole, who allegedly made him governor.

He said: “When I read that I felt hugely disappointed because he is an old statesman and should know the laws more than many of us.

“I remember that Chief Clark never supported Governor Obaseki before becoming governor, so if Obaseki is trying to be very ungrateful to the people who took him to power, I think, as a father, Chief Clark should have advised him better. , not cause chaos in the state of Edo because Edo and Delta remain the same.

“I expected him to call Obaseki and advise him as a father, but he didn’t do that, but he immediately sided with it.

“Let me tell you that there is nothing about the state of Edo that we do not know. The National Assembly must intervene in any state Assembly that has a crisis.

“So, so that someone can criticize that movement is unfortunate, and that is why I am surprised by the comment made by Chief EK Clark.

“We all knew how Obaseki became governor of the state of Edo. He was never a politician. It was Oshiomhole who made him governor against all the odds.

“Oshiomhole offended many people loyal to him just because he wanted to become governor of Obaseki. Therefore, it is regrettable that today the governor sees himself as a thin god, who shows such disrespect for the man who made him governor. That is ingratitude of the highest order and is not suitable for him as governor. To me, he is ungrateful.

“There is an adage in Itsekiri that says you should remember the good of yesterday. Whatever Obaseki is doing, he must sleep and reflect the right time he had with the comrade.

“A couple of times I had the opportunity to sit down with the comrade and he would tell me ‘Ayiri, you know how I worked to bring Obaseki, so I can’t bear to tear down that house. So I don’t see the comrade fighting Obaseki, but Obaseki is only competing against himself.

“Then, Chief EK Clark should concentrate on the Delta state, where he caused some problems for people and leave Edo just because he doesn’t know how Obaseki became governor.”