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Atiku Vs Buhari: Presidential Election Results Were Doctored In My Presence – Witness

Yahaya Shiko, a retired major, who served as a colleague for the Popular Democratic Party in the Kaduna South Local Government of Kaduna State during the presidential election, while speaking before the Presidential Elections Tribunal on Thursday, stated that the results of the votes of February 23 They were doctorates in their presence in favor of the ruling of All Progressives Congress .

Shiko, the 20th witness of the PDP petitioners in the Court, stated that the election in their area was affected by the excess of voting and the allocation of figures to the political parties that participated in the election.

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The People’s Democratic Party had challenged the victory of President Muhammadu Buhari and the Congress of All Progressives in the presidential elections.

Shiko, commissioned as a Nigerian Army officer in 1993, was led on Thursday, headed by the petitioners’ lawyer, Adebayo Adelodun (SAN), to adopt his prior statement of the oath as his primary evidence.

While APC’s lawyer, Charles Edosomwan questioned shiko, he stated that his report of irregularities during the election in his area was based on the stories he received from the agents of the voting units and from those he witnessed.

“My statement was based on the reports I received from the survey unit agents and what I saw on the results sheets that were sent to the local government collection center.”

“There were cases of overvotes and assignment of figures.” “These were the ones who were taken to the local government snack center.” “In my presence, the results were cured.”

In a question asked by the lawyer of the Independent National Electoral Commission, Yunus Usman (SAN), said he protested the results documented by refusing to sign the results sheets.

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The figures were wrongly credited to the APC.” “At the snack center, I filed complaints when the results were announced, and I protested by refusing to attach my signature to the results sheets.”

When asked, he said he did not know that his complaints were criminal. They also asked him if he knew if any of the perpetrators were arrested and tried and said: “It’s not for me to know.”