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Atiku vs Buhari: PDP, APC Supporters In War Of Words

Supporters of Buhari and Atiku face each other by the presidential election court

A group that supports Atiku Abubakar, the vanguard judge, accused the Buhari Media Organization of spreading false news to distract Nigerians from the facts that emanate from the Petitions Tribunal of Presidential Elections.

The Atiku group also accused the Presidency of making funds available to BMO to sponsor false news in the media.

Naija News recalls that Atiku was the presidential candidate of the People Democratic Party (PDP) in the presidential elections on February 23 and lost to Muhammadu Buhari of the All Progressive Congress (APC).

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However, he is challenging the outcome of the election in Court.

The statement issued by the coordinator, cutting edge judge, Ezequiel Adeojo, said that the APC and the Presidency have entered into panic mode.

“With the fantastic testimonies of Atiku witnesses in the ongoing Electoral Petitions Tribunal validating our previous statement that Atiku’s mandate was stolen, the Presidency has been sent frantically.

“The APC has been panicking since the petitioner’s witnesses opened the can of bloodworms on how the electoral will of the Nigerians was cut short. Even the INEC has contradicted itself; destroying any remaining credibility of the commission to defend the indefensible electoral robbery called the presidential elections of 2019.

“We, Justice Vanguard, have been reliably informed by our intelligence that the BMO has been given a corresponding order with proportional funds from the Presidency to undo the testimonies of Atiku’s witnesses in the media, ensuring that each comment of the witnesses is twisted in the audience.

“This explains the barrage of false news in the media that mutilates the statements of the Atiku witnesses, only to confuse the Nigerian public and subsequently create holes in the petitioner’s presentations.

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“Some propaganda stories like: ‘The witness of Atiku can not remember the date of the presidential elections’ published by the online version of a news medium, and the sensational report labeled’ Rupture: I saw my statement for the first time before the Court, says the Atiku witness’ Promoted in another newspaper These are spine reports: demanding Nigerians already know that the news medium is one of the propaganda platforms of an APC boss.

“We want to categorically inform Nigerians that this childish propaganda reported as statements of Atiku’s witnesses does not reflect what happened in the Court in recent days. We recognize the fact that PDP witnesses are not infallible like any other human being, but they do not have the propensity to make such omnibus errors.

“These stories were planted in the media by a fake news industry called Buhari Media Organization (BMO) to reduce the discourse that is generating the hermetic request of Atiku. Nigerians should be on the lookout for false news, as more doctors under the payroll of the ruling APC have been commissioned to unleash a hive of falsehood to corrupt unpredictable facts made by Atiku witnesses in Court. They are nervous because Atiku comes, “the group said in its statement.